Why Taking A Self-Guided  Tour When You Travel Is Better

Why Taking A Self-Guided Tour When You Travel Is Better

The one thing travelers have in common is that we are all tourists. We research a country or destination that captivates us and go there for a vacation hoping to explore and experience the country and culture.

Tour guides are a great way for getting to know a city, but what about going around on your own? Would it be better? Here are our thoughts on the matter:

1. Exploring The Unknown

Taking a guided tour will give you the privilege of going to all the tourist attractions that a destination has to offer (depending on the tour of course). If that's what you're looking for than great. Going about on your own however, gives you the opportunity to explore the localities in a whole different way. You may miss some of the attractions, but you may find your own.

Every time you set out on your own in a new or even a returned-to destination, it will be an adventure. Seek out where the locals go for the best cuisine or where they hang out. You will essentially be diving in head first into the culture.

Don't worry too much about not knowing anyone or where to go. You can try to make friends from the destination before going, online and doing your research will allow you to know the places you want to check out. Besides it's all about the excitement!

2. You Tour On Your Own Time

One of the issues we have with guided tours is that you will be on somebody else’s schedule. Barely having enough time to take it all in before being pushed to move on to the next site, that just isn't the way to enjoy yourself. The good part about a tour group is that you get to cover a lot of ground. If that’s all you want to do.

The depth of the experience will be the memories you carry with you until you return again. It will also either leave you fulfilled or otherwise not.

On a self-guided tour, you get to set out on your own adventures to wherever your feet may take you, not being rushed to return to the bus.

3. The Knowledge You Gain

For the most part this point will actually go to taking a tour with a guide. They will tell you what something is, what it is famous for, who made it, etc. On your own, you will force you to find and learn all the knowledge you need/ want to know by yourself. Is that really a bad thing?

We don't think so, some people may prefer to have someone tell them everything about everything, but how much of it do you really remember or even want to know?

We all have phones to give us access to knowledge at our fingertips. Besides, before taking off on a self-guided tour, you would need to do your research. Tour books, the internet or maybe even people you know are filled with knowledge that will help you out. See the things that you want to see and know the things that you want to know. Big plus point, the satisfaction of finding things out on your own.

4. Tour Other Area Of The Country

Because you're on your own, you won't be restricted to the confines of one particular area. Yes, there are some tours that take you to more than just one location, on their schedule. By yourself, you can rent a car, or a motorcycle, and explore the rest of the country at your own pace.

If the country has scenic routes, this will give you an experience all by itself. Many people go on touring adventures through countries for specifically this reason.

5. Boost Your Self-Esteem

The amazing experience that you have when you travel on your own is something completely different from joining a guided tour group. The excitement of discovery, the autonomy of independence, the stories and knowledge that are completely your own, cannot compare to anything else.

Your self-esteem will be boosted to the max! And the more adventurous you are, the more you gain and learn. You might even become a different person.

Major Take A Ways

  1. It's about your own experience and the depth of it.
  2. You travel at your own pace.
  3. You can get more involved in the local culture.
  4. You will have an adventure and make your own discoveries.
  5. You need to do your research.

Bonus Note: If you want the independence a self-guided tour but also feel the need for the security of a company given tour, adventure-holidays.ie offers a semi-self-guided tour. They provide routes, and help with itinerary planning but give you the anatomy of traveling at your own pace.