Why Family Vacations Are Important To Your Happiness

Why Family Vacations Are Important To Your Happiness

In our modern world, many of us are often so busy running around dealing with our daily lives, that “family” takes a back seat. To add to that disruption is our fascination, or rather obsession, with technology.

Despite the fact that we are more connected technologically, we seem more disconnected from the people we care about.

It is important to make time for family and a vacation is a great way to get everyone together. Here is why a family vacation is important:

1. Catch Up With Each Other

Yes, this is possible to do without going on a vacation. But the change of scenery will be refreshing. Why a vacation? Because you will be in a different mind-set while you're away from your usual areas. It would be easier to relax with your family and share current events of your lives.

It goes without saying, the vacation time would be especially useful for those of us who are far apart from our families. Sometimes it's hard to even call a sibling in another state, never mind another country! It’s important to meet once in a while and a vacation is the perfect opportunity (and excuse).

2. Create Fond Memories

Remember all those childhood memories? Before the age of smart phones? You were playing outside, doing all sorts of activities and connecting with friends and family.

You don’t have to switch off your phones when you're on holiday, but on a family vacation, the focus will be on family. Try activities together such as surfing or skiing (depending on where you’re vacationing of course!) and have good laughs and exciting times together.

It will also be a great opportunity to create great memories for (and with) the younger ones in the family. It will strengthen the bond between family members, and can have lasting benefits to your relationships in the future.

3. Valuable Experiences

Image: Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Vacations are always an educational experience. You will learn about other cultures and countries. Not to mention the experience traveling.

This definitely applies to those with younger children. The benefits for their education can’t go unmentioned. Children are able to adsorb so much knowledge from their experiences growing up, and it ultimately shapes who they become.

So get your young ones to put away their phones, enjoy the experience and create those everlasting bonds. Don’t let those opportunities slip away.

4. Give Us A Reality Check

Can a vacation give us a reality check? Definitely! We are so often completely absorbed in our own world that our reality gets boxed in. The outside world may even start to seem distorted. This is really in relation to point no.1 above.

Our world is not just made up of one person. Those around us, our families and even the events of the world, all make up the larger part of the picture.

A vacation will relieve you of that boxed-in-reality. A family holiday will work even better, as you enjoy the each other's company and catch up. Creating memories and having great experiences together. Your world view will be refreshed.

5. Quality Time

Put everything together and ultimately it’s about spending quality time together. This point is very general, but the most important!

Like all the other points in this post, we know for a fact that most of us don’t spend nearly enough time with our families. Even when we get around to it, we get distracted by our phones and other gadgets more often - and easily! - than we'd like.

Family vacations put the focus on each other. No matter how little, the quality of the time you spend together will be worth it.