Where to go on vacation ?

Where to go on vacation ?

This is the question everyone is asking at this moment: where to go on holiday? Want to change air, want to go elsewhere this year? We offer you dream destinations. The question "where to go on vacation?"

Where to go on holiday in the sun?

Yes, summer is here and you would like to enjoy the sun to feel good. You leave every year in the South of France, nevertheless, you begin to be tired. It is for this reason that we ask us the question "where to go on holiday?" There begins the debate between friends or family members to know where to go on vacation. Often, we came back to our destination last year when there are wonderful places to visit and where going on vacation becomes obvious. We give you some tips to know where to go on holiday in the sun without debate. Then we will give you all the places suitable for the sun. Ibiza is a good place to enjoy your holidays.

The advice of Luxvacation:

-          Choose a place of vacation that is not touristy: you will enjoy much less if the beach is filled and leisure inaccessible.

-          If you are a lot of people to go on vacation, choose a luxury villa with pool, a barbecue (obviously, it's the base for a good meal in summer.), quick access to the beach and entertainment.

-          The question "where to go on vacation?" is not the most important in itself, it is the pleasant moments that you will spend surrounded by your loved ones.

The sunny places:

- The Caribbean: St-Barthelemy, St-Martin, Barbados, Anguilla are heavenly places where to go on vacation is a dream come true.

- Greece: Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Corfu and Crete are the most famous places in Greece. Few affluence, calm, relaxation, magnificent sea... all to spend a good holiday.

- Want to travel on the American continent? Miami is the ideal sunny city. Florida, in general, will change you from the European continent. If you like to enjoy life, to party and to be surrounded by people, this is the place to be.

Where to go on a ski holiday?

You have decided to go on a ski holiday this year? It's time to find where to go on a ski vacation. There are so many resorts and mountains that you get lost. France can boast of having beautiful mountains for skiing and snow. Two choices are available: luxury holidays or traditional ski holidays. We offer you some places to make your choice:

-          The French Alps: you have the choice of very famous resorts

-          Le Mont-Blanc: known worldwide, you can even try to climb a part of the mountain with a guide.

-          Swiss Alps: between the French and Swiss border, you will discover the different landscapes of Switzerland.

-          Aspen: a popular place for luxury holidays

-          Annecy: famous for its famous lake, you will spend a pleasant holiday in a peaceful place.

You have more than make your choice: sun or snow!