What can you do in Megève in summer?

What can you do in Megève in summer?

If you are looking for a stay in the mountains, then Megève is the destination that will turn your dreams into reality. In winter as in summer, Megève does not lack places to visit, fun activities or sports to do. Everything is at your disposal to make you spend an enjoyable stay offering lots of activities. In summer, these are divided into several categories. So if you have already packed your bags, here is what you can do in summer in Megève! Preparing for a holiday is already a holiday!

Enjoy sports activities for the young and old in Megève

For summer holidays, Megève is full of fun and sports activities. Some land games are arranged for this purpose to satisfy the young and old. So in the middle of nature, you can enjoy a game of paintball. This activity is suitable for all ages. It guarantees laughter, entertainment and emotions. Fishing lovers will enjoy a learning experience with a professional fishing guide. You will learn modern fishing techniques and those relating to fly fishing. You can also discover the fauna and flora and enjoy hikes in the early morning. Whether you are walking or cycling, with friends or family, you will love these unforgettable moments.

Visit a rich architectural and cuktural heritage

As regards historical monuments, Megève has some surprises in store for you. The winter sports resort gives you access to the Demi-Quartier tower, the Calvary path, the Calvary of the source of Saint-Michel or the church of Saint-Baptiste. You'd love to visit the house of Henry Jacques Le Même, an architect and creator of the Megevan chalet. If you are interested in the Savoyard culture and the way of life of the farmers, the museum of the Haut Val d'Arly is the perfect place to visit. It offers you the exhibition of a beautiful collection of objects and makes you discover the hard daily life of the former inhabitants of Megève in the mountains.

Participate in various events in Megève

Being an internationally known resort, Megève is a region in permanent turmoil. Various events and activities are organized throughout the year. From the end of January to February, you can participate in the Winter golf. This animation lasts a whole week and also includes many competitions related to mountain golf. The younger are also invited. If your stay in Megève takes place in July, you will then have the chance to participate in the Jazz Contest. Several groups from Europe are invited and contribute to the festive atmosphere of the village. Concerts, parades, dancing evenings… There is everything you need to enjoy a nice stay in summer. If you are in Megève in August, don't forget to participate in the famous Music Festival where you will discover many of the future talents.

If you stay in Megève, you will never get bored. This popular station has everything to please with its activities, monuments and interesting events. Why don't you consider to choose this destination for your next vacation? You will certainly have memorable memories of it!