Welcome To The 7 Cities Of The Future, Now!

Welcome To The 7 Cities Of The Future, Now!

This year we see the comeback of Star Wars, and 2015 is also the year Marty McFly visited in the second installment of Back To The Future. It seems that the year is constantly reminding us of our progress towards the future and whether we are where we thought we would be.

How do we measure up? These are some of the most futuristic cities in our world today.

1. Dubai, UAE


No matter which list you look up, Dubai will be there. The development of the city has been remarkable in past decade.

It's landscape is often considered odd, but the harshness of the surrounding Arabian Desert coupled with the futuristic architecture of the city makes a visit to Dubai an experience to be had.

From the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which stands at 2,722 feet (to the tip), to the seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab. Not to mention Ski Dubai, which is an indoor ski resort that takes up 22,500 square meters.

Dubai was one of the locations in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Star Trek: Beyond is filming scenes in the city as well, that in itself should be something to go by!

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands


This is a city with a vision for the future. There is a citywide collaboration between the people, government, companies and knowledge institutions to work towards a Smart City (Amsterdam Smart City). This basically means that they are working towards improving both social and technological infrastructures as well as solutions for more sustainable economic growth. Some of the projects include a 3D printed canal house, exploring energy saving measures, a flexible street lighting system, and many more. You can check out the projects here.

3. Helsinki, Finland


This European capital will amaze you with their futuristic concepts for improving quality of life. For starters, they have citywide free WIFI! They also have an app called "BlindSquare" that helps the blind navigate the city. They also make their statistical data available on the Internet. Now that’s impressive.

To take it a step further, the Finnish are trying to dispose of private car ownership by 2025, that’s really not too far away if you think about it. Their solution is to create a phone app for point-to-point transportation purchase, like bike sharing, taxis etc.

They’re really taking advantage of technology in a “green” way.

4. Barcelona, Spain


The Catalans make it on the list with their futuristic city. The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona has some really forward thinking initiatives in place. Interactive screens for visitor information, phone chargers at bus stops, LED Street lights, an open data system, and smart traffic lights.

And in addition all of the city’s utilities such as energy, water and transport systems are controlled remotely. Barcelona is truly an impressive city.

5. Hong Kong, China

You knew a Chinese city had to be on this list, and it's Hong Kong! It has the most skyscrapers in the world for a city, at 308. Compare it to New York, which has 238. That’s not all, they also have a contactless smart-card system that’s used for everything from transportation to fast-food outlets.

The motto of the city is “Making Life Easier”, which isn’t a bad motto for a futuristic city. Hong Kong also uses fingerprint technology to take attendance in school and has the highest smartphone penetration and app usage in the world.

6. Singapore


Both a city and a country, Singapore has some impressive plans for the future. With an already dense population in such a small state, Singapore is teaming up with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to streamline transportation, aimed at improving the quality of life.

Singapore has already built a “Supertree Grove” which collects rain and solar energy, as well as absorbs heat. The eco-friendly structure stands at 16-storeys high and acts as a shade for its visitors.

The city was the first to introduce the congestion charge, using a network of sensors, GPS trackers and real-time cameras to predict jams and charge drivers more during heavy traffic periods. Singapore is also working towards zero waste in landfills.

7. Tokyo, Japan

You know it! The city that’s so high-tech that even the toilets speak. Modern or even traditional Japanese food can seem out of this world; only recently was sushi accepted as a conventional food. Not too long ago, it was considered 'strange', particularly in the West.

Let’s not forget about the famous Bullet Train that can reach speeds of 320km an hour! Japan will also play host to the 2020 Olympics, and has plans for the athletes’ village to be completely heated and powered by ‘hydrogen’ energy – which by the way, produces water as its by-product, not CO2.

8. Monaco

Monaco has also been getting futuristic upgrades. With more modern architecture taking its place in the area. One such building is the Pavillons de Monte-Carlo, designed and used for high-end retail shopping, it has a unique and futuristic design.


Image: Pavillons de Monte-Carlo

Prince Albert II of Monaco has launched eco-friendly initiatives for a more "green" city. These innovations include electric smart cars for government agencies, electric bicycles available for rent on the streets and carbon offsets for conferences held in Monaco.

The prince also established a foundation in 2006 to address the growing concern on the global environment. The foundation looks to support initiatives on a global scale.

It seems that "green" is the way of the future. We may not be exactly where we thought we would, but it seems we are already heading in a better direction.

Do you have any ideas on which cities are heading toward the future? What are the futuristic cities on your list? Share them with us in the comments below.