Welcome to LuxVacation.com

Welcome to LuxVacation.com

Welcome to the LuxVacation.com blog! We are a company devoted to bringing the world the excellence in luxury vacation homes. Our mission statement is simple: only the best will do. LuxVacation.com takes your dreams and turns them into reality.


Founded in 2014, LuxVacation is the brainchild of two friends. Their dream? To give us what we’ve always imagined: the red carpet treatment with as much (or as little!) detail as we’d like. LuxVacation.com offers the true luxury vacation experience with all the bells and whistles, something tangibly real.

There’s only one goal here: to deliver excellence. Our dream is to give you the perfect experience. We believe in only the most beautiful and exciting destinations; Our management team scout out each destination, leaving nothing to chance. This isn’t just about adding pretty places to a list of potential locations; LuxVacation.com takes your dream seriously. It should be perfect for you, so it has to be perfect. It’s that simple. As a result, we boast an ever growing but very select number of destinations, all carefully chosen for your enjoyment. Some of the destinations you can visit with LuxVacation.com include Aspen, Miami, Val Thorens, St. Tropez, St. Martin,and St. Barth. We regularly add new stunning places to visit, so keep your eye out for new additions! The only thing you need to worry about is what to pack.

Why blog about it, you may ask. Fair question. The world is a big place, full of mystery and hidden gems. We would like to share those gems with you, together with some traveling tips and personal touches. Life is the greatest journey of all, and we would love for you to join the LuxVacation family and join us for this amazing journey of exploration and breathtaking opulence. We’re going to talk about the many destinations we list, and about places we don’t; we’re going to explore what it means to live the life of a movie star, of a millionaire, of a rock idol. We’ll be discussing travel safety tips, do’s and don’ts for different destinations. We’ll be researching the best restaurants, nightclubs and bars, because we want you to be able to experience those things (and to know where to go for the best sushi, ribs, cocktail, or whatever takes your fancy!). We’ll keep you updated on our latest finds and upcoming destinations, so watch this space for any and all LuxVacation news.


We would love it if you joined our conversation, share your ideas and tips and help us make everyone’s dreams come true. What does your perfect luxury vacation experience look like? What are your favorite destinations? Are you passionate about skiing, watersports or parasailing? What’s your dream luxury vehicle? Please tell us, join our conversation. We’re interested and we’re listening. This isn't about us, it really is all about you.

Climb aboard, and let LuxVacation.com take you to the most beautiful destinations in the world.