5 Things to do in Bali (when you're stranded by a Volcano)

5 Things to do in Bali (when you're stranded by a Volcano)

A short while ago, Alex and Andy were in Bali. Meanwhile, making a visit in nearby Lombok, was a cloud of ash courtesy of Mt. Barujari. This misbehavior has grounded planes and stranded countless travelers across the region. Trouble all around then. What does one do when stuck on an island?

It’s a beautiful island. You’d planned to stay there a week, maybe more, and now thanks to the cheekiness of Mother Nature you’ve got some more time. Nowhere else to go, what’s to be done?

0. Don't Panic

The first thing to do if you’re stuck anywhere because of circumstances beyond your control, is not to panic. The thing is, every destination in the world has risks: Bali just happens to be in the Ring of Fire. Volcanoes happen.

So, Bali.

1. Find a New Beach

Stranded after their cancelled flight, Andy and Alex toured the beaches, ranking them in accordance to their personal preferences. Fun stuff! Everyone loves the ocean, and if you’re in Bali you know the waters are perfect. Each beach has its own character, and if you’ve not had a chance to explore Bali’s beaches during your stay now would be a good time. Even if you have the advantage of an island is that there are plenty of beaches to be enjoyed, and there's bound to be at least one or two you haven't explored yet.

2. Watersports Galore!

If you’re really in love with the water, why not hire a boat, or if you’re into fishing: book a fishing package. These trips can take up several days of fantastic fun, what better excuse do you need if that volcano is clogging up the flight paths? You can literally say you’ve gone fishin’.

3. Temples and Traditional Dances

If you’ve had enough of the water activities for the time being, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of inland activities to turn to. The temples are fascinating, offering a slice of the local culture and history, with fire walking and traditional dances.

4. South Bali

South Bali is the place to go for extreme pampering if you’re done with all the hiking and the swimming. If you want a break of your surroundings, book yourself in at Bagus Jati for the spa treatment to be had in Ubud.

5. Hiking, Mountain Climbing, and Nature tours

Bali is, not un-ironically, an island formed by volcanic activity way back when. It's not surprising therefore that it has some serious nature.It's got some truly virginal forests and some of the best hiking trails in the world. Bali Barat National Park for example boasts 76,312 hectares.

Never Enough Time

I've only listed a few things you could do with the extra time you've got, but there are hundreds of things to experience in Bali. If you're stuck on the island for an even greater amount of time, you can always escape it by boat to the vast paradise that is Indonesia itself. And trust me, Indonesia's rich culture will assure you never go without something to do.