7 Great Apps for Traveling Abroad

7 Great Apps for Traveling Abroad

Let’s face it, the future is all about tech! How many people around you –including yourself – have access to a smart phone and a whole range of apps? Be honest, it’s probably most of them. That’s a good thing. Let's face it, we're hooked on our phones, they provide us with a whole range of things, especially when we're not at home to enjoy our creature comforts. Our phones give us access to things like:

  • Music
  • Games
  • Photos
  • Internet
  • Navigation
  • Messengers/Email
  • Oh...and the phone.

When we're away from home and don't necessarily have access to a computer, our phones often become our lifelines! Here are some apps we recommend you download before you travel:

Google Maps

Yes, maybe this one’s a little obvious, but that said, it’s still a great app to have in a pinch, especially now that you can download offline areas to make sure you’ve got an accurate map even if you don’t have a GPS or data roaming ability. If you’re not a fan of Google Maps, the always popular Waze is another great option. (Free)

###Travel Safe Unfortunately, the world isn’t always as safe as we would like it to be. It’s important to stay ahead of the news and not become a statistic. This app provides you with a whole range of emergency numbers no matter where you are, while also providing you with accurate information about where you are, thus making it easier to contact local authorities in the case of an emergency. (*'bout $0.99*)


Released by the Cancer Council of Victoria (Australia), SunSmart is an very useful, even for a winter destination, this little app sounds an alarm when the UV ratings spike, giving you plenty of warning to add that extra layer, put on a hat, and/or slather on some sunscreen. Especially useful if you’re traveling as a family and you want to make sure the kids don’t get sunburnt! No one wants to be lobster red when coming back from a beautiful luxury holiday, not only is it unseemly, it’s also dangerous! (Free)

###Wifi Finder Pretty straightforward, this app searches your vicinity for WiFi networks, both free and paid, to make sure you have plenty of opportunities to stay in touch with the folks back home. (*Free*)


This app is brilliance incarnate. If you're like me and you're always packing and repacking, then Packpoint is for you. After a short survey in which it gauges your travel habits, it'll generate the perfect list - it may not cover everything but at least it covers the bases! (Free)

###Tipulator Not necessary for *every* beautiful destination you visit or every vacation you take, but still useful, the Tipulator makes it easy to figure out just how much you need to tip at a restaurant. It also helps you split bills without a fuss, making life so much easier for people traveling in larger groups or meeting up with new friends while abroad! No more struggling with foreign currencies and mental math, you’ll be fine with this app in your pocket. (*Free*) ###DuoLingo If you're headed somewhere where you don't know the language, DuoLingo can help you out. A fun educational app, it covers a wide variety of subjects as well as making the usually boring grammar quick and fun! (*Free*)

No doubt we'll be revisiting this topic since it's constantly changing! Do you have any favorite apps you won't travel without? Tell us about them! Your selection may get featured in a future post!

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