Travel Tech! 7 Must have Gadgets For Your Next Trip

Travel Tech! 7 Must have Gadgets For Your Next Trip

We love to have fun when we travel and there are so many gadgets out there to improve the quality of our experiences. From pocket size cameras that make it easy to carry to noise cancelling earphone to block out the noise on the plan, there's something for everyone. We love our gadgets and thought that we would share with you some of our picks for awesome travel tech.

1. ExoLens Wide Angle & Telephoto Lens for iPhone


Everyone has a phone and it is the main camera for most people. The ExoLens Wide Angle&Telephoto Lens attaches to the iPhone 6 or 6s to give you the ability to take amazing DSLR-like shots. It uses an aluminum bracket system to attach securely to your iPhone and has a set of interchangeable lens.

The wide angle has the capability of giving you a 165-degrees view, which is great for landscape shots, while the telephoto lens will allow you to zoom up to 3X more from your phone with great detail. The best part is that it only [cost $129] on Amazon.(

2. Cocoon Grid-It Organizer


Ok it's not a gadget, but it relates. This genius grid organizer is exactly what most of us need in our bags. Put all those cables, charges, earphones and any other little knick-knacks all in one place securely.

Cocoon has a whole range of Grid-It organizers of different sizes and variations to meet your needs. Made from a unique rubberized elastic bands, designed specifically to hold personal items. This ingenious product doesn't even cost that much. The "Grid-It Wrap 10" is only USD 29.99.

3. Lockee


How often do you hear stories of luggage going missing? Well meet Lockee! This little device can be used as a lock on your bag (obviously) and locate misplaced luggage. This compact travel size lock will be synced to an app on your smartphone that has a delivery service that helps you get your luggage back in 48-hours.

Created by a team of Russian engineers with a grant of $42000 from Microsoft and crowd funding on Indiegogo, the device uses fingerprint identification instead of passwords or keys to be unlock.

Lockee still has an ongoing Indiegogo campaign. So you can go here to contribute through one of their packages available. Let's hope this one makes it to the market! According to their Indiegogo page, it will retail at $89.

4. Mudder International Plug Adapter With USB Connection


If you travel a lot, you would know that different countries use different voltage ranges. The US uses 120v, but the UK uses 230v. As a result, is really important to have a plug adapter when you travel.

The Mudder adapter is just that. It has 3 settings; US&Australia, UK and Europe, which will allow you to cover the voltage range in over 150 countries. It can be used to charge your phone, camera iPod, iPad and other electronic devices. This all-in-one adapter is definitely useful on any trip and only cost $12.99 on Amazon.

5. Passfort


Security is always a major concern for travellers and the Passfort might just save you a few headaches form trying to remember every single one. This fit-in-you-pocket key chain allows you to store all your passwords in one place with an image sequence as the master password. So, you only need to remember the master to have access to all the others.

It uses Bluetooth or USB connection to connect to your laptop or other devices and it will be automatically be detected. It will also auto-fill in the password to the website you want to log in. It has military-grade encryption, a 7-day battery life, color display screen and currently retails at $50 (normal price $80). It does require a pre-order, so order early.

6. BOSE Quiet Comfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Earphones – Apple Devices


We had already included the BOSE QuietComfort 25 Headphones in a previous post. However, if carrying around a big pair of headphones is not your thing, you can opt instead for the earphone version. Their easier to carry and some people find them to be more comfortable.

These earphones come with BOSE noise cancelling technology and an aware button to hear what's happening around you. It works with all your apple devices and BOSE also makes a version for Android devices as well. These amazing audio accessory cost $299.95.

7. Moshi IonBank 5k


We all need a portable charger on the go, even when we are not travelling. The Moshi IonBank is a great little travel companion. The best feature on this little power bank is that it has its own cable. Yes, that's right, it has a built in fold-out cable. The make versions for both Apple and Android and you can find it on Amazon for about $90.

They also make a 10k if the 5k potable charger doesn't cover your needs.

What are your favorite travel gadgets? Share them with us in the comments below.