Travel Resolution Ideas for 2016

Travel Resolution Ideas for 2016

How many of us achieve our New Year's resolutions? We make them every year, and for some of us it can be a single resolution, for others a few. The usual resolutions include health, personal growth, career and travel.

These are some awesome travel resolutions ideas for 2016, from us here at Let's make 2016 a year to remember!

1. Have New, Usual and Interesting Experiences


Image: Wine Spa, Japan

Call it as it, don't seek out these experiences, promise yourself that will have them. Do some research on interesting experiences to have, such as going to a red wine spa in Japan, try vaporized alcohol in Alcoholic Architecture in London, or just simply take a wine tour in country like Portugal.

Whatever it is, you will surely have a great story to tell.

## 2. Travel To An Area And Catch The Sun Rise

We've seen photos, we've seen videos, why not catch with our own eyes? Whenever you're on holiday, check-up online for great spots to watch the sunrise in the location and make the effort to wake up early to see that breathtaking scene.

If you're good with a camera, you might get the chance to capture the moment. Share and show it off to friends and family, and inspire others to do the same.

## 3. Be More Adventurous

Well, if you're not the type to wake up early or you just don't want to, you can make a resolution to be more adventurous. Visit a destination, get rid of the map and explore the area yourself. Speaks to the locals, go to the local pubs, talk to the bartenders, waiters or anyone living in the area.

It'll make for great stories, and you just might discover some hidden gems of the city or something special about it for yourself.

4. That Country That You Have Wanted To Visit For The Longest Time

Many of us will have that one country that we have been meaning to visit, but keep putting it off. Sad excuses will just leave us with regret. Visit that destination, whether it is in the Caribbean, the French Alps, Japan or wherever it is, and make it a vacation to remember. Don't forget to strike it off your bucket list and be happy to have done so.


Image: Kyoto, Japan


5. Go Somewhere On Your Own

For some, traveling on your own can be refreshing. For others, it can be daunting. It is however, an experience everyone should have. You will learn a lot about yourself, and give you time to reflect on your life and the choices you have made.

Some who have tried it, say they come back a different person. Others feel it is a great way to get some R & R. Either way, you will grow as a person, and you will most likely be thankful that you did it.


6. Have An Active Vacation


Are you an active person? Or would you rather be on the beach rather than in the waters? Experiencing an active vacation has the potential to awaken a different side of you. If you have a sport you love like surfing, go to a coveted destination such as Bali, Sydney or other surf destinations.

Or if you haven't done something like skiing, you can always learn at many of the ski destinations such as Maribel or Courchevel, among other places.


7. Take A Photography Class


It's the one thing everyone does to share and remember their travels, experiences, and joyful moments. The world of photography produces stunning, awe-inspiring images that can evoke emotions in an instant. If you are new to the techniques of photography, you might want to make a resolution to take a class.

Learning how to take amazing photos, will allow you to share your travels in an impactful visual way. Take that photo of the sunrise, or capture the hidden gems of a city, either way it will help you grow as well as remember.

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What are your travel resolutions for this year? Share them with us below.