Travel Photographer: Justin Mott

Travel Photographer: Justin Mott

Photographer Justin Mott photographs "everything from elephants in swimming pools to exclusive island resorts", he has also done over 100 assignments for the New York Times and photographed weddings all over the world. Some of the clients that he has for Mott Visuals, his commercial photography business, include Intercontinental Hotel, Microsoft, and Unilever.

Justin is also the resident pro-photographer on History Channel's Photo Face-Off. A leading photography show in Asia that puts Justin Mott up against 16 fresh amateur photographers, from six different countries. The show consists of 6 one hour episodes where 3 amateurs go up against Mott to win a spot at the finals. The show does feature some beautiful and exotic destinations, so, if you like Asia and its cultures check it out.

In addition to the New York Times, this pro-photographer has worked for companies such as IME, Bloomberg, and the Discovery Channel. Justin currently resides in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Justin's photos are all about capturing the moment with well composed and visually appealing photographs. He was first sent to Ho Chi Minh City on a travel assignment by French magazine L'Express. As a photographer, Justin's familiarity with Asia allows him valuable insight into the characters and cultures that surround him as well as access to area that are less known to tourist or foreigners. This ability to know the area so well coupled with the adventurous spirit of a photographer is only one of the reasons Mott has created the stunning images in his portfolio - the other reasons are of course skill and the unique photographer's eye.

Justin's photos are appealing not only to travel lovers, but to anyone who enjoys culture, history and just visually appealing photos. Here are a few examples of his work.

Note: All images are credited to Justin Mott and taken via the his website. The cover photo was taken at Bagan, Myanmar.