Travel Photographer Berthold Steinhilber

Travel Photographer Berthold Steinhilber

We love travel photography! The professionals that are able to capture such stunning shots of people, culture and landscapes that make up our world, truly inspire the adventurer in us. So, we thought that we would share some of these amazing travel photographers and their work with you.

Today we will take a look at Berthold Steinhilber and his remarkable awe-inspiring work. Berthold Steinhilber is a Germany-based professional photographer in Stuttgart. He studied his art at FH Dortmund and the College of Arts in Falmouth and has since won several awards. The awards Berthold Steinhilber has won include the World Press Award, a Kodak Young Talent Award, and a Reiner Wolf award.

He is known for his landscape photography and use of unique lighting techniques. This remarkable photographer has also published 8 books with "Passbilder Landschaften der Alpenpässe" being the latest in 2015.

A few of his projects which can be seen on his website here, include Streetlights - Standlichter which is an interesting concept to capture the different styles of street lights, another one is Angels, where he photographs many different statues of angels.

What amazes us the most of this photographer is of course, his landscape works. From the landscapes of Germany to the islands of Landschaften (Iceland Landscapes), Berthold Steinhilber truly has an eye for these shots. Here are some examples of his work.

Note: All images are credited to Berthold Steinhilber and taken via the his website. The cover photo is of Wehlnadel, Saxon Switzerland National Park.


Image: Colle Sampeyre, Italy From Berthold Steinhilber's Landschaften der Alpenpässe


Image: Godafoss Waterfall From Berthold Steinhilber's Iceland Landscapes


Image: Tulip fields near Hillegom From Berthold Steinhilber's Dutchscapes


Image: Mountain of Hell Mountainbike Race in Les Deux Alpes, France From Berthold Steinhilber's The Alps