Tourism in Verbier, Switzerland

Tourism in Verbier, Switzerland

It's holiday’s time and you are slow to decide which destination to choose.   Why don't you do some sightseeing in Verbier, Switzerland? During your trip,   you will be amazed by the beauty of landscape. This city attracts more and   more tourists and vacationers every year and has a breathtaking view of the   Combins and Mont-Blanc mountains. Remember to book your accommodation in the   Swiss Alps.

Tourism in Verbier in winter

If you visit Verbier in Switzerland in winter, you will always have   something to enjoy. The 4 valleys will delight snow sports enthusiasts. With   more than 410 km of skiable area and more than 89 ski lifts, the 4 valleys   have everything to please tourists who come to recharge their batteries. It   includes the following places:

Even if you are not a talented skier, you will always find something   to do in Verbier. The winter landscape is quite attractive and worth a visit.   You may also fancy a snowshoe hike on the nearly 10 km of hiking trails. Who   hasn't dreamed of a dog sled ride? You will have the opportunity to take a   walk in the mountains.  The rink is a   fun activity for families, couples and friends. For climbers, try ice   climbing on the artificial waterfall of Fionnay.  It is advisable to use the expertise of a   mountain guide and/or a professional climber. As well as in winter, summer in Verbier also has some surprises in store.

Tourism in Verbier in summer

In summer, you will never be short of  ideas about what to do in Verbier,   Switzerland. You will have enough to be delighted and enrich and your culture   by choosing to discover the Tour de Val de Bagnes or the Tour des Combins. A   bike ride will allow you to explore the many routes as well as a bike park.   The pleasures are diversified and more and more captivating. You can go to   both golf courses, climb or paraglide. Heliskiing, sledding, visiting museums   or discovering local products will capture your attention. During your stay in Verbier, you should not miss exploring Mont-Fort. A panoramic view from   the Matterhorn to Mont-Blanc will keep you at the top. Are you a yoga lover?   Practice it at altitude at Mont-Fort for 1 hour at sunrise. And finally, for   hikers, you can walk along a suitable route.

A unique musical experience at the Verbier Music Festival

To crown your tourist activities in summer, the Verbier Music   Festival is a unique and unavoidable event that brings together classical and   modern music artists of all generations. You must not miss it! It will take   place soon, from July 18 to August 3, 2019. Take advantage of this unique opportunity   to enjoy an intense and unforgettable musical journey. You will attend nearly   60 concerts, performances by renowned artists and promising young artists   full of talent. Chamber music concerts and recitals will also be the focus of   the event. Then don't wait any longer! Come and experience musical moments   rich in emotion, combined with exciting discoveries. You will have the choice   between three scenes to discover artists unknown in your repertoire.

Have you chosen to spend a holiday in Verbier, Switzerland? Don't   worry, your days will be busy. In addition to the many activities you can do in   winter and summer, the Verbier festival will leave you with a memorable   memory of this Valais resort in the heart of the Swiss Alps.