Top 7 Inspirational Travel Photos From Instagram This Week December 20th 2015

Top 7 Inspirational Travel Photos From Instagram This Week December 20th 2015

Instagram is the best place to peruse amazing photos from around the world. Whether they are travel-photos or just shots of beautiful places, these images truly inspire the wanderlust bug in us.

Here are our picks for this week:

1. Olivier Wong


Olivier Wong lives in Paris and his Instagram account is filled with gorgeous photos of the area. This one was taken at Château de Sceaux, a grand country house, not far from Paris. His photos will generally grab a few thousand likes within a few hours.

2. Traveling Out Planet


@travelingourplanet is an Instagram page that shares travel inspired photos that are just gorgeous and inspirational to look it. This photo was taken at Villa Modern Delux in the Philippines and had over 6000 likes within one hour.

3. Italian Places


As the name of the account suggest, this beautiful photo was taken in Italia, at Polignano a Mare, a town located in southern Italy. @italian_places share gorgeous photos of Italy if you care to check them out. This photo received 5,300 likes within an hour of being shared.

4. Iceland Air


Alright.... this one is shared by a commercial company, but look at that landscape! It got over 3000 likes within 40 minutes. Notice the man standing on the right side of the screen to give some perspective as to how large this landscape shot is. [@icelandair]( has some really amazing photos of Icelandic scenes on their Instagram that will definitely make you want to pay this beautiful country a visit.

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  1. ABC7LA


Another gorgeous photo from a commercial account, but again look at it! This photo was taken in Avalon, California, the southernmost city in LA. This pretty picture was liked over 3000 times and shared by @abc7la.

6. Young Adventuress


Liz Carlson is an American living in New Zealand and her Instagram account @youngadventuress is filled with gorgeous photos of her travels.
This photo is of Liz standing before the magnificent Multnomah Falls in Oregon. She got over 2000 likes for this photo and we can see why.

7. Chris Burkard


Look at this beautiful scene taken by @chrisburkard, isn't breathtaking? Well guess how many likes Chris received on this photo in a day... well go ahead. You read? Sure?

Chris receive a whopping 47000 likes in just one day!

Chris's photos on Instagram receive the equivalent or even greater number of likes to this photo. He even sells them on his website, so go and check it out.