Top 7 Must Have Luxurious Travel Accessories

Top 7 Must Have Luxurious Travel Accessories

We all love our gadgets and gear, and luxurious travel accessories are right up there on the wishlist. These are some of the items we'd love to get our hands on:

1. Globe-Trotter X Chivas Steamer Trunk

Travel luggage with a mini-bar? Who wouldn't want that?! This traveling liquor cabinet is reminiscent of the days gone by. Imagine Titanic and a vintage steamer trunk.

This collaboration between Globe-Trotter and Chivas has produced beautiful. With dedicated compartments for your watches and shoes, a leather-covered suit hanger and a mini bar. The Globe-Trotter X Chivas Steamer Trunk definitely belongs on this list.

The Steamer Trunk will retail at $18,200.

You can find out more here.

2. Brown Leather & 24K Gold Manicure Set by Just One Eye


We all need a manicure set, and it's very important to have one when you travel. An embellished 24K gold stainless steel set, wrapped in leather case, isn't just a normal manicure set, it's so completely over the top you have to have it!

It does look great though! And is listed at $4,250 on their website.

And if the gold one isn't good enough for you, they also have a Mother of Pearl Manicure Set with Butterscotch Leather wrap for $6,250.

Find out more here.

3. Travel Cocktail Kit From Stephen Kenn

James Bond should have this one. It comes with 9 empty bottles, a mixing spoon and a detailed book on how to pack the kit for different trips. How great is that! Just remember that not all airlines will let you take this into the cabin.

This kit will cost you $295 and you can learn more about it here.

4. Travel Chess Set by Rawstudio

Modern, beautiful, and very easy to travel with. We really like the way this travel chess set looks. You don't need one, but why not?

Made from heat-treated and oxidized stainless steel, the pieces stack together for easy travel, and the chess board is made from Italian hide leather. Check!

This exquisite set cost $600.

5. Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones by Bose

It's so important to have good headphone/earphones when we travel. It may not be over the top, but it's beautiful. Bose has a good reputation when it comes to their audio quality. So I'm placing this on this list!

And it's only $300 here.

6. Hardside Travel Luggage from Louis Vuitton


Image: Malle Haute 110 by Louis Vuitton

You know the name, Louis Vuitton, and their travel luggage is world famous as well. Impeccably crafted the LV Hardsided travel luggage range has something for everybody. Choose your preference of wither the classic monogram canvas in brown or all black. And LV items come with a lifetime warranty.

The Malle Haute 110 is priced at $24,860

See the range at Louis Vuitton

7. Samsonite Black Label 30" Firelite Spinner


Samsonite is known the world over as one of the best for travel luggage. This one in particular is the Samsonite Black Label 30" Firelite Spinner. It's a hard-sided case roller bag that is impressively light weight. This one weights in at 7.061 lbs!

The Samsonite Black Label 30" Firelite Spinner is $615.

Samsonite has a really good collection of quality luggage, and you can see them here.

Share your over the top luxury items ideas or wishlists in the comments! We're also open to new gadgets!