Top 5 Luxury Cars from the Detroit Auto Show

Top 5 Luxury Cars from the Detroit Auto Show

You know we love cars and we know you do too! One of the best things in world of luxury is the toys. Am I right? Every year auto-companies will try to "woo" us with their latest offerings, modern cars that pile on the technology with sexy designs and flawless engineering.

Recently, The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was held in Detroit (January 11-24, 2016). This is where the world's leading automakers presented the new toys in their range to the world. Here are Luxvacation's picks for the top 5 luxury cars from the show.

1. Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017


We love Mercedes, they make some of the best cars in the world hands down. We even featured the Mercedes S-Class as one of our picks for most comfortable cars to do long journeys with.

The new Mercedes 2017 E-Class, however looks like a "big C-Class." This mid-size sedan is packed with tech and debuts the "DRIVE PILOT" by Mercedes. The "Drive Pilot" is a semi-autonomous driving assistant system that has the ability to steer, brake and accelerate up to 130mph, and yes it can keep up with the lanes up to 81mph, even if the markings are faded or nonexistent. Just click the signal and the car will change lanes on its own. Impressive!

The car even has another new feature, which is the 'Remote Parking Pilot'. This system will allow you to get dropped off by your car and use your smart phone to tell it to go park itself. Performance wise the car is powered by a 241-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, there might be future versions with more powerful engines (hopefully)

We love the direction that Mercedes is taking. Convenience, comfort and luxury. Soon enough, all you need to do in a car is sit back, relax and let it drive itself to your destination. How exciting! Though I doubt the actual joy of driving will ever be replaced.

2. Lincoln Continental


The new Lincoln Continental is an update to much beloved car. The 2017 model has a rounded body, E-touch door handles and is powered by a new 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine that produces up to 400-horsepower.

The new Lincoln is a full-size sedan that has many available features such as a panoramic sunroof and special LED lighting that illuminates the car as you approach it. It also has a pre-collision system that warns you if there is a risk nearby and it can also apply full braking force if needed. The car also has adaptive cruise control and 360-degree camera system.

Most of all, the car looks amazing! Don't you think so?

3. Lexus LC 500


Lexus teased the public with their Lexus LF-LC concept at the 2012 Detroit auto show. This year, the automaker will put a smile on your face with the introduction of the production version of the concept. That's right, this is it.

This sexy car will be the flagship coupe of the brand. We can see many similarities with the concept car from its sloped roofline to its low and wide stance. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior, with the driver's hip point being positioned close to the car's center of gravity and there is also an intuitive control layout for the driver's convenience. The seats are covered with alcantara leather and the paddle shifters are magnesium alloy. Everything about this car was designed to be luxurious.

The Lexus LC500 is a 2+2 seating, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe. Powered by a 5-liter V8 engine that is able to produce up to 467-horsepower. Impressed yet? There is more, the car even has a newly developed 10-speed automatic transmission for you to get the most out of all that power. We definitely like the design direction that the company is taking!

4. Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S


You know the name, Porsche. The 911 model is one of the most popular models in the history of cars. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Jerry Seinfeld and many more, are big fans of the model and brand.

The automaker announced late last year that the popular model will get an updated version and that it will be powered by a turbocharged engine. The result is a new car with an improved version of the 3.8-liter, twin-turbo flat-6 engine that is able to produce 540-horsepower for the Turbo version and 580-horsepower for the Turbo S version.

If you didn't know already the 911 is a car that has been made since 1963.The model has undergone continuous development ever since, but the core concept remains the same. This is apparent as well in the new models. These new 911 versions will be available in both coupe and convertible styles and comes standard with the Sport Chrono Package.

5. Buick Avista Concept


Okay, I thought that we would share with you guys one concept car at least. This is the Buick Avista Concept and just from the way it looks from its exterior, it's already an attraction!

This gorgeous car wowed the media at NAIAS and also won the Eyes on Design Award for Best Concept Car. Design to be a 2+2 coupe with low, sleek proportions and sweeping lines that result in a sexy beast of mechanical art, the Avista concept is a grand tourer with rear-wheel-drive and a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine that can produce 400 horsepower. Carbon-fiber and aluminum accents sums up the interior of the car and it also features 3-D–printed doors and seat trims as well as 20-inch aluminum wheels. Let's hope this one doesn't take too long to make it to production and that it will keep most of this gorgeous concept design.

So, who's ready to go for a drive...!