Top 5 Destinations for Chocolate Lovers!

Top 5 Destinations for Chocolate Lovers!

Have you ever thought about going on a holiday to satisfy your sweet tooth? Traveling to a destination to get the best chocolate possible, for example. It would likely be called a "sweet vacation" if there was a name for it. Well, if you love chocolate or you consider yourself a chocolate connoisseur, here are top 5 destinations for chocolate lovers!

1. Brussels, Belgium


Brussels, Belgium will be on the list of any chocolate connoisseur. This capital city has been called "the chocolate capital of the world". There is chocolate everywhere in this city and it has more chocolatiers than any other city in the world!

Not forgetting that 2 of the biggest names in the industry come from Brussels, Belgium - Godiva and Leonidas. Here, you will also be able to find many independent artisans as well, so hunt around for some good sweets.

If you really are going there as a chocolate lover, a trip to Musee du Cocao et du Chocolate (Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate) is a must! Here, you will be able to learn about the sweet and the history behind it. "Mary chocolatier" is another stop to make. Located on Rue Royale 73 in Brussels, this artisan shop was founded in 1919 and has been a favorite among the Belgian Royal Family since 1942. Literally, sweets good enough for royalty.

2. Zurich, Switzerland


The country is filled with lovers of this delectable sweet. Switzerland is one of the largest consumers of chocolate in the world. It is also the home to companies such as Cailler-Nestle, Toblerone, Lindt, Treuscher and Sprungli, just to name a few.

You will be able to find the factories and stores for Lindt, Treuscher and Sprungli in Zurich. So, you can be certain that you can pick up a good amount of sweets. You can even go for a truly chocolaty experience on the “The Swiss Chocolate Train”, which is a joint venture between GoldenPass Services and Cailler-Nestlé. Guests will be able to ride in class, enjoying the scenic views of vineyards surrounding Montreux and medieval Gruyères, as the train depart from Montreux and makes a stop in Gruyeres, before going to Broc. Once there you will have a chance to tour the Cailler-Nestle factory.

3. Paris, France


Chocolate and romance go hand in hand, and Paris will answer that call. There are over 300 chocolate shops in Paris, and you know you will be able to find some really interesting independent artisan shops in the area. So, go on a chocolate adventure through the city and discover some decadent treasures.

Dark chocolate is the Parisian specialty, with Paris being host to a new a breed of chocolatiers noted for their creative use of the cocoa bean with high quality ingredients and original recipes. If you really want to watch some spectacular masters at work, make it a point to visit Paris during the period of the World Chocolate Master Championships. The championships are held in conjunction with the world's largest consumer chocolate show, Salon Du Chocolate.

4. Barcelona, Spain


Image: Chocolate Sculpture at Museo de La Xocolata

The beautiful city of Barcelona should be on your chocolate adventure list. The Spanish were the first to experience chocolate, as they brought it back to the "New World", and Barcelona is the Spanish center for the decadent treat.

The first chocolate making machine was invented here as well, built in 1780. The city celebrates its chocolate covered heritage and you can visit the Museo de La Xocolata, which is a museum dedicated to chocolate and features everything from chocolate sculptures to hot chocolate.

Head to Chocolates Amatller and Chocolate a la Taza, for a taste of the local sweets. These shops have been producing chocolate for more than 150 years.

5. Cologne, Germany


Image: Imhoff Stollwerck Museum

Home to the Stollwerck Chocolate Company, a company that was once the second largest supplier of chocolates to America, this German city will definitely offer chocolate fans a treat. When you pay Cologne a visit head to the Imhoff Stollwerck Museum. A museum that started from an exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Stollwerck Chocolate Company, that has evolved into a museum of its own.

The museum offers a look at and celebrates the history of chocolate around the world. There is even a giant chocolate fountain, interactive exhibits and of course, samples! So, be sure to stop by the museum and test your knowledge on the subject of Chocolate, if at all you will definitely learn something and have a sweet time. Don't forget to pick some sweets up at the store to bring back home.