The United States: a country to explore

The United States: a country to explore

The United States: the   American dream for a majority of people. Let's discover the way of life in   the United States and breathtaking landscapes. Let's go and explore this   mythical destination!

The must-see places in the United States

You probably know the mythical U.S. Route 66 for all the adventurers.   It is the road that crosses most of the United States from Chicago to   California. Just take your time to discover the must-see places in the   United States.

The Statue of Liberty remains the most important place in the early history   of the United States. Located in New York City  at the south of Manhattan, it is the emblem   of the American continent. It is the equivalent of our Eiffel Tower in   France. Listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1984, the Statue of   Liberty represents the symbol of freedom for Independence.

National parks are to be explored to discover the fauna and flora,   both of which are very different from our own. Central Park in New York   remains the most famous. But you can visit other parks such as Canyonlands   National Park in Utah, the Everglades in Florida or Glacier National Park in   Montana.

Las Vegas, for partygoers and players, is a must-see destination if   you visit the United States. You can even get married there!

Who hasn't dreamed of surfing in California? It is the ideal   destination if you like beautiful beaches! Under the Californian sun, you   can't dream of a better way to discover the West Coast of the United   States.

And if you are interested in natural architecture, you will be amazed   by Colorado with its valleys and dunes, its breathtaking landscapes.

Do you love jazz? We recommend New Orleans, Louisiana, where life is   punctuated by music.

Do you love stunts? Niagara Falls is one of the must-see places in New   York State, USA. It is undeniably a spectacular place that can be   contemplated endlessly.

Do you want to walk along the river? Lake Powell in Arizona will   seduce you with its huge water reservoir of 3,000 km of shoreline and 300 km   long.

Who doesn't know Times Square in the center of New York? Known for   its bright and illuminated advertising, Times Square is the perfect place to   celebrate the New Year at night.

As for amusement parks, Orlando wins with the Walt Disney World   Resort, Universal Studio Park (Les Minions among others), the Wizarding World   of Harry Potter. Everything you need to delight theme park fans.

If you want to visit Illinois, Chicago is well known for its musicals   and modern architecture. All the magic of the shows awaits you there.

And if you discover Pennsylvania, you will pass through Philadelphia,   a historic city where the signing of independence took place in 1776.

You are surely fascinated by the Bay of San Francisco with the Golden   Gate Bridge and you are quite right! World-renowned, the Golden Gate Bridge   is a mythical work and is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern   world.

If you love music, festivals are for you. Coachella in the desert is   THE festival not to be missed and the most famous in the United States. You   will see many celebrities in addition to singers and music groups.

The American food

The food in the United States is very diverse. Here are some typical   dishes or desserts:

  • Hots-dogs on the run: you can find them on most New York streets;
  • The must-have burger the Americans love;
  • The apple pie, an unconditional dessert. It's not for nothing that they call New York "The Big Apple";
  • Cheesecake, with a generous fresh cheese;
  • The brownie, for chocolate and nut lovers;
  • Buffalo wings, the famous chicken wings that are dipped in barbecue sauce;
  • Donuts, good and cheap;
  • Ribs, pork caramelized and grilled to perfection, to eat with your fingers (bring enough to rinse your fingers);
  • Thanksgiving turkey, a traditional dish on the fourth Friday in November;
  • Pied pecan, pecan pie with maple syrup, a very caloric dessert;
  • The Chicken Pot Pie, a simple chicken pie;
  • Cupcakes, which can be declined as desired.

All these American dishes and desserts whet your appetite? Come and   discover them across the United States!

The advice and information to keep in mind

Take several days to visit the United States to enjoy and take your   time. Go together to share these memories with your loved ones. Visiting the United   States at one time is complicated, especially if you want to get the most   out of it. If you have the opportunity, go for it! You won't regret it! Now,   here are some figures that will impress you:

  • 50 States
  • 58 national parks
  • 257 historical monuments (Washington DC Capitol, White House, United Nations Headquarters...)
  • 762,000 km² of forests (hence the increase in fires in the heat wave)
  • 22 million visitors for Niagara Falls
  • 694 museums, 150 of which are in New York alone.

The road trip of your dreams is taking place across the United   States! You have a wide choice to discover cities and landscapes. That's   why this article informs you about the must-see places. But you can also   decide to go on an adventure and discover everything you want for a year.

Are you a student? Why don't you go to the United States to   study? A way like another to make your American dream come true. You   can even find a small job as an au pair for young girls for example. All you   have to do is prepare your trip well and save before you leave or take out a   loan while you find work for a longer period. Also discover American families   who welcome young people on trips or for a longer period of time.

Last but not least: while travelling, go with the minimum to be   lighter when discovering the United States and leave with souvenirs made   in the USA. We wish you a safe journey!