The island of Samos in Greece: the reasons to go on holiday

The island of Samos in Greece: the reasons to go on holiday

Do you dream of a stay on an island? The Island of Samos is one of the most secret Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Come and discover its typical architecture, its remains and archaeological sites, its magnificent sandy or pebble beaches. Visit GREECE: Santorini to continue your journey.

Samos, a Greek island to discover

Less known than the island of Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Crete and the   Greek Cycladic islands (Milos, Delos or Andros), the island of Samos  in Greece does not differ from the image of all the other Greek islands. If   you like white houses with blue shutters, archaeological sites, Mediterranean   cuisine and beaches of fine sand or pebbles, nestled at the bottom of   deserted coves, Samos is an island made for you. Accessible by ferry   or by plane from Paris with a stopover in Athens, Samos can be visited in a   few days, but you will have to return there. The beauty of its picturesque   villages and green nature is enchanting. For your excursions, rent a car or   scooter and explore this treasure of the Greek islands. Samos is not just   another cruise stopover. It is unique. The island's capital, Vathy,   stretches along the port where ferries stop over, not far from the colourful   fishermen's boats. Stroll through the old part of the city, a maze of alleys   still imbued with a village spirit.

If Pythagoras, a famous mathematician, gave it its name, Pythagorio   owes its nickname of "Saint-Trop'" of Samos to its very touristic   main street, its souvenir and clothing shops that go down to the port and the   many bars and discos that will delight night owls. If you like calm, take   advantage of the morning to come and have a coffee on the harbour. The   arrival of fishing boats, firmly awaited by dozens of cats, is a real   spectacle. The card games on the way back from fishing are also part of the   island's folklore. Visit the port where the statue of Pythagoras stands and   let yourself be guided to the Eupalinos aqueduct, a tunnel under the 6th   century mountain. The village of Kokkari has also managed to keep its soul   despite the many tourists. There you will also find many shops and   restaurants.

Do you like walking? Karlovassi is the starting point for hikes that   will take you to the wildest part of the island. You will reach the Ambelos   and Kerkis mountains (1,440 m) by numerous marked paths that meander through   the vineyards and olive groves, the main crops of the island. The magnificent   eucalyptus forest will refresh you with its protective shade and you may   cross paths with one of the island's donkeys still used to transport goods   and people.

Samos, an island between beaches and archaeological sites

Archaeology is present all over the island. Many archaeological sites   are to be discovered, as in the whole country. The Archaeological Museum of   Vathy is one of the most important in Greece and presents some unique pieces   such as the pottery found during excavations in the Heraion of Samos, Ionian   sanctuary and site of the temple of the goddess Hera near Pythagorio. A large   quantity of archaeological remains are presented in the various museums of   Samos. The Greek statuary represented by a Khouros (a 5-metre high marble   statue of a young man) invites visitors to discover the history of the Greek   world and Greek mythology. Everywhere ancient Greece has left its mark. The   Eupalinos tunnel or Eupalinos aqueduct is a 1,036 m long underground tunnel.   It was built under Mount Kastro in the 6th century under the reign of the   tyrant Polycarp. It is a true masterpiece of ancient civil engineering that   can be visited.

An exceptional rich heritage

The followers of idleness are not to be outdone. Samos has many sandy   or pebble beaches. The wildest part of the island is home to magnificent   deserted coves. You will find beautiful hotels by the beach or with swimming   pools and many restaurants with the Aegean Sea as a backdrop. Whether for   relaxation or sport, you will find your happiness in Samos. Diving and other   activities are available to enhance a short stay or a longer holiday. Hotels   are available in Samos at all rates. It is not uncommon to find a room at   less than € 60 out of season. It is therefore relatively easy to book very   reasonable offers. Restaurants also offer more than affordable prices and you   can eat there for a few euros. So you can spend a cheap holiday in Greece.

Samos the Epicurean

Epicure, the philosopher of happiness was born in Samos. You can feel   it. The kindness of the welcome is not a legend in Samos. When sitting   on the terrace of one of the island's many taverns, you will be served the   great classics of Greek cuisine, a Mediterranean-style cuisine renowned for   its many benefits. Who has never heard of the famous Cretan regime? As a   starter, the Greek salad with feta cheese of course, but also   melitzanosalata, an eggplant salad drizzled with olive oil or the famous   tzatziki, a yoghurt with cucumber and crushed garlic and mint. The moussaka,   with or without potatoes or vegetables stuffed with rice or meat will delight   you. Also taste the stuffed vine leaves, the spanakopita, a spinach puff   pastry in its filo pastry. The grilled octopus is a delight that you must   absolutely discover. Fish is very present in Greek gastronomy. There   is no way of sulking it!

And to finish on a lighter note, taste the fruit of Samos. Apricots,   peaches or grapes depending on the season will be on the table.

For a meal on the go, no problem. Many stands offer souvlaki, small   meat skewers, or delicious gyros, cakes filled with pork or chicken, as well   as kebabs, which are also a Greek specialty.

And don’t forget the wine! Ouzo of course but not only. The   reputation of Muscat of Samos is well established and it will perfectly   accompany an aperitif, served with olives, or a dessert. The island also   produces very good white wines such as Restina, perfect with fish.

You can also visit the Samos wine cooperative cellar at the entrance   to Vathy.

The island of Samos is a revelation. The beauty of the landscapes and   heritage of this Greek island make it a destination of choice for a dream   holiday and if it encourages us to discover the other Greek islands, it   especially invites us to come back.