Tailor-made luxury travel

Tailor-made luxury travel

If you are looking for a dream holiday and are looking for luxury   services, both in terms of travel and accommodation, you have the choice   between planning everything yourself in advance, using specialised websites   and advice that you can get from your loved ones, or opting for a tailor-made   turnkey luxury trip. Let’s study below the advantages of both solutions.

Turnkey holiday stay

The first of two possible formulas for spending a luxury holiday, the   tailor-made luxury turnkey stay. This formula has many advantages. Whether it   is a winter or summer holiday, the break during which you think of yourself   and your loved ones to relax with family or friends is often eagerly awaited.   And while it is often beneficial to think about it before, you don't   necessarily want to take care of the whole organizational part.

Of course, it also depends on the type of stay you want to have. If   you want to spend a stay of pure relaxation in "idleness" mode to   use the traditional expression, it will not require much organization, but if   you want a stay of discovery rich in several tourist, cultural, sporting or   other excursions, it must be recognized that it will be necessary to take a   moment in advance to contact the tourist offices, places of excursion and   sometimes means of transport so that once arrived at your destination, your   place is reserved and you can see all that there is to see, and which makes   your holiday destination so peculiar.

To enjoy the best excursions without having to organize everything by   yourself in advance - which beyond the desire may simply not be possible in   terms of time ‑ the tailor-made luxury trip will be the solution. Many travel   agencies will offer you this type of services and all you have to do is   choose the luxury tailor-made trip that suits you best. And if you are   particularly interested in a specific destination, more than just luxury and   turnkey, a few searches in your favourite engine should quickly reveal one or   more agencies capable of satisfying your desires.

Plan your luxury stay on your own

You know the saying: "you are never served as well as by   yourself". Indeed, even if the stays organized by the agencies are   carefully studied and planned to visit the essential places of a given   destination, they can never do as well as a personalized holiday stay from A   to Z by your own care according to your tastes. So of course, it will take   some preparation time that you don't have with the turnkey stay, but you can   make the visits you want, in the order you want and especially when you want.   You can choose all of them separately and will not have to follow a   predefined program.

The other big advantage in planning your stay by yourself is that you   will also be completely free to choose the accommodation for your holiday.   And if you want a tailor-made luxury stay at this level, it's important. Of   course, you will notice it when you visit the site, luxury rentals are not   lacking whatever the destinations, in winter or summer.

By choosing your luxury rental for your holidays, you will be able to   select a customized or nearly customized apartment, villa or chalet. Indeed,   there are so many possibilities and configurations of comfort equipment in   luxury rentals that you will inevitably find everything you expect to have   the most wonderful stay: swimming pool of course, sea view, possibility to   moor your boat, whirlpool bath inside the chalet, fireplace, etc.

Of course, the advantages will depend on the place where you are (sea   view or snow-covered mountains for example), but you can be sure that all the   traditional comfort equipment will be there.