Should You Travel To The Same Place Twice?

Should You Travel To The Same Place Twice?

The phrase “been there, done that” comes to mind when the topic of traveling to the same place twice pops up. Some may find it redundant to travel to the same destination more than once.

Why should you? There are many other sites (and sights!) and countries to visit and experience right?

Well... yes, but let’s look at the other side of the coin: why you should travel to the same destination more than once.

## The Destination Itself

Of course, the first reason to travel a destination again is because you loved your previous experience. You like the place you stayed at, the area, or maybe you just liked the food. Something about your last trip resonated with you.

And sometimes a particular destination may have sentimental value for us. You may have a fond memory that was created there or maybe it's where your family is from. Either way, the destination means something to you.

The Culture

Travelers often do have favorite destinations to visit.
Why would they return to the same place twice?

More often than not, it’s the people and culture, and the real reason why they love going back is because it enables them to dive deeper into the culture. By their second visit, they already bypass all the tourist stuff and are on the hunt for where the locals go.

A great example of this is Anthony Bourdain. He loves looking for 'the secrets of the locals'.

Adventurous Excitement

Another added advantage is the familiarity. Though this doesn’t count as a reason all on it’s own, but what it mean is that you will feel more confident in discovering more of the destination.

Image: Surfing in Kuta Beach, Bali

For example, if you were to visit Bali, Indonesia, on the second trip you may want to venuture to other parts of the island.

The Destination Fulfills Your Interests & Requirements

A destination can have it all, and be fulfilling in terms of interest and other requirements.

For example, you speak French, love to ski, want good food and need a place that’s family friendly. A place like Meribel, France would have you covered. It has great opportunities for family fun, has some amazing slope for skiing and it’s in France.

When we find a place that fits us, as much as we fit it, we could call that a 'home away from home'.


Image: View from an [apartment in Courchevel 1850, France](

Different Seasons


One of the beauties of traveling to a foreign country is the experiences, and if you are lucky you would be able to experience it at it’s best.

However, the opportunity to travel may not always come when we would like it most.

You may want to visit Venice and join in the festivities of Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice) - a masquerade festival that ends with Lent - but went at a different time of year. You second visit can be specifically for the festival.

Or you visit Japan during Spring for the Sakura (cherry blossom) season and want to go back for one of their many summer festivals, such as Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival which is held on the last Saturday of July. This is the world’s oldest fireworks festival (since 1733) and is well worth seeing.

There are many reasons to revisit a place. From the way it makes you feel or just interest and curiosity. As long as it resonates with you, it will never be a waste.