Preparing for your holidays

Preparing for your holidays

Organize your holidays and have a great time. That's something more important than we think! The holiday season is something that we are always looking forward to. Even when you love your job, there is always a time when you feel like taking a break, seeing other people and doing other things. Holidays are the perfect opportunity for this getaway; or why not enjoy a quick escape that does us so much good? To make this break really profitable and allow us to get back in great shape, there are several ways to do this. Go on an adventure and improvise your stay day by day, or otherwise plan your holidays by organizing your stay in advance. Let's look at how to do this in this second perspective and how to prepare your holidays as well as possible.

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    Preparing your holiday well requires a certain methodology. We are all looking forward to this time of year, but to fully enjoy it, it is best not to feel anxious about work and other possible imperatives. It is also for this reason that preparing a stay is not only about preparing it, which is something we will further discuss in the organisational part, but also a question of the thought process involved.

    Let's consider the professional level for example. Is it wise to start a project before going on holiday if you know that it will not be finished and that you may be needed while you are away? Why not doing small tasks that will be completed on time so that you can leave with a free mind knowing that you have nothing pending? In addition to your work, you may also have other imperatives or wishes for things that mean a lot to you and for which it may be wise to plan your holiday as well as possible. For example, if you know that there will be a sporting, cultural, associative or other event that will be held at a certain time of the year and you are used to attending or participating in it, you may as well plan the dates of the latter to organize yourself as well as possible. Preparing your vacation properly also means ensuring that it does not prevent you from enjoying the things you normally take part in. Finally, for everything that concerns what we usually call "everyday business" (mail management, etc.), do not hesitate to offer your help to your close friends or neighbours so that you can ask them the same thing when it comes to preparing your holiday in turn.

    Organize your holidays

    Now that we have talked about all the benefits of holidays in terms of preparation, let us now look at how best to organize your holiday by talking about the holiday itself. There are several options available to you in this regard. Either go through a travel agency or tour operator that will take care of all the entry tickets for you and where you will only have to book your tour ticket and present yourself on D-Day at the place of departure; or go about it yourself and organize your stay in advance so that everything is planned and without unpleasant surprises on site as soon as you arrive in the chosen destination.

    As you might expect, organizing your own vacation allows you to enjoy a stay at a lower cost, but also to plan it as you wish to carry out the visits and activities that interest you the most. Indeed, when you rely on a turnkey stay, there are sometimes a few activities in the list of activities planned in the program that you like a little less, whereas if you choose everything from A to Z, at least you will be sure to do only the things you like and the visits that attract you the most.

    Obviously, in order for you to save a lot of money and do the activities and visits that attract you the most and not those that would be imposed on you in a program, it takes time and organization. Here are some tips we suggest that will help you plan your vacation in the best possible way:

    • start by making a list of the activities you want to do once you get there;
    • group among these those that are closest to one another geographically speaking, to be able to optimize your trips and waste as little time as possible on the road;
    • start by validating the availability of activities grouped close to one another so that you can cancel them more easily if there are too many that are not accessible*, allowing you to eventually plan further visits to another area. Once you have finished with a specific area, move on to the next one;
    • when you have validated a given area and your visits to that area are planned, look at the holiday rentals you can book nearby and target them in order of priority. Do not hesitate to check the services offered by the rentals in question on specialized sites to have a stay that is as close as possible to your expectations.

    Admittedly, all this will take you time and will require you to take steps but all your time on site will be optimized and suit your tastes and desires as much as possible, and the savings realized will allow you to enjoy yourself all the more once on site by enjoying the best restaurants or the best holiday rentals! Enough to ensure a memorable trip!

    Preparing for your summer holidays

    When we talk about summer holidays more specifically, the notion of anticipation is even more important. This is relatively logical because it is the period when vacationers are most numerous. To convince you of this, let us remember that in France, it is the famous period during which the media inevitably talk to us about the crossfire between July and August holidaymakers, a period during which, if you leave by car, you will have to optimize your travel time; and if you take the train or plane to leave for a more exotic destination, for example, you will have to do it well in advance. And it is not only for the journey itself that you will have to do it well in advance.

    For example, if you want to book a luxury rental for your summer holidays, in the style of those we offer on Luxvacation, or if, as we mentioned earlier, you want to book activities for your stay once you are there, you should anticipate as much as possible. We hope that the above tips will help you to see more clearly and to know how to organize yourself as well as possible each time the long-awaited time comes for you to prepare your holidays.

    * If it was an area and visits that you considered essential, you will quickly be determined and will be able to choose whether you prefer to postpone your trip or come back to discover what could not be discovered on this occasion or during previous visits.