Mykonos Island- Most Fun Things to Do

Mykonos Island- Most Fun Things to Do

The most cosmopolitan island in the Aegean Sea is, without a doubt, a fine example of what a typical island of the Cyclades looks like and, of course, a beloved tourist destination for the thousands that swarm the place year round. The charming island of Mykonos, famous for its wild nightlife and party scene, alongside its gourmet restaurants, breath-taking landscapes, and wonderful beaches, is also a celeb magnet, who rush to get a taste of the legendary Mykonian experience, which is, admittedly, not for the faint-hearted ones!

So, if you are ready to party and people-watch, here are the most fun things you can do while exploring the narrow, labyrinth-like streets of Mykonos Town.

1. Head to the Party Hotspots

Take note that Paradise Beach, Paraga Beach, and Super Paradise Beach should definitely be on your must-visit list. You will find top DJs coming from the corners of the Earth to send some crazy vibes to those eager to dance on the sands until the early morning hours.

Paradise Beach is about 6km southeast of Mykonos Town and is reached either by boat or bus. Right next to it is Super Paradise and it is a paradise for both youngsters and older-then-30 party goers. For adventure seekers, the challenging descent of a dirt road in order to get there is a great way to send some adrenaline throughout your body. For the rest of you that want things easy, just take a boat!
As for Paraga, it is around 6km south of Mykonos Town and hosts less crowded, yet equally wild, parties. The beach is great and can be reached by boat or bus.

2. Visit Popular Beaches with Crustal Clear Turquoise Waters

Among the 30+ beaches in Mykonos, there is one that suits your needs perfectly for sure. Whether you seek golden-sand cosmopolitan, family, party, remote or nude beaches (all with bars, restaurants, water sports, sun beds, and umbrellas), you have a wealth of options here. Now, depending on what exactly you are after, you can consider the following list.

Watersports – Go to the Platys Gialos Beach (km south of Mykonos Town), Ftelia Beach (10km east of Mykonos Town – the most uncrowded of all four), Kalafatis Beach (12km east of Mykonos Town) or Elia Beach (11km east of Mykonos Town). The strong winds that blow there make these beaches ideal for windsurfing.

Free-of-change sunbeds – Although extremely unusual for Mykonos, at Panormos Beach (6km northeast of Mykonos Town) there are huge, cool, and comfy pillows that you can sit on for free, instead of sunbeds.

Beaches celebs go – Psarou Beach (5km south of Mykonos) is where you need to be. Just make sure you bring your umbrella along as you won't find a sunbed easy there! Also, Agios Ioannis beach has gained international fame after Shirley Valentine was captured enjoying the sun and the sea there.

Beaches with REALLY good food – The restaurants at Kalo Livadi (10km east of Mykonos Town) and Ornos Beach (3km south of Mykonos Town) offer mouth-watering seafood.

3. Visit Iconic Landmarks

¬ The Windmills
The ancient Windmills (6km southeast of Mykonos Town or Chora) date back to the early 16th century and their image has traveled zillion times around the globe through postcards and photos.

¬ Pelican Petros

As you wander around the harbor of Chora, you may also see the island's mascot – pelican Petros! The original pelican Petros was an emblematic figure of the island. Local fishermen found the bird wounded in 1958. After they had provided all necessary care, they named the pelican Petros (from Greek word “petra” which means “rock), which represented the dominant architectural element of all Cyclades islands; rock. The bird lived the next 30 years on the island and thousands of tourists used to run after him for a picture! Unfortunately, Petros was killed in 1985 by a car. Today, one of the 3 remaining pelicans that live in the island is named Petros to honor the beloved creature.

¬ UNESCO Heritage Site: Delos
If you have some time, take a day trip to the small island of Delos; one of the most significant spiritual centers of ancient Greece and the birthplace of Apollo, god of light and music, and Artemis, goddess of animals and wilderness.

Where to Go for:

1. A relaxed afternoon - Walk the winding, cobbled streets of the Chora (Mykonos Town). The island has preserved the traditional Cycladic architectural style and character. Expect to pass by charming, whitewashed houses and quaint churches with sea-blue windows and doors and flowered balconies, as well as streets lined with little art galleries, boutiques, shops, cafes, restaurants, and stylish bars. Tip: keep your camera close; there is no way you won't bump into a celebrity!

2. A refreshing cocktail & gorgeous sunsets – Little Venice is the most romantic and picturesque neighborhood of Mykonos Town. The houses lick the edge of the waterfront, and the bars there offer cocktails right above the waves and, of course, heart-stopping sunsets! Caprice is another must for sunset. You may stay inside the bar or sit right on the water edge and enjoy your cocktail while listening to good music and dancing.

3. Palate-pleasing experiences – The beachside restaurant Avli tou Thodori (Platys Gialos) with the stylish, minimalist, white décor, gorgeous view, and delicious traditional Greek food. Also, the family-run, beach-facing Nikolas Taverna (Agia Anna Beach – next to Paraga Beach) with tables on the sand under the trees. Adva Bar Restaurant (Panormos Beach), Ithaka (Ornos Beach), Nammos (Psarou Beach) and Sol Y Mar (Kalo Livadi) worth a visit too.

4. Endless clubbing – Head to Scandinavian Bar – the island's most known meeting point. Jackie O is the most popular gay bar here, while Remezzo is another favorite and chic club with a beautiful setting, located right above the harbor. After midnight, visit Cavo Paradiso at Paradise Beach and continue partying until the early hours.

And, just imagine that we have merely scratched the surface! Mykonos is a vast partyland that offers unique opportunities to have fun and forget your everyday burdens. Make sure you book a luxurious villa that can accommodate all your needs for modern comforts and enjoy the ride!