's quick guide to Meribel, France's quick guide to Meribel, France

A gorgeous location in the Tarentaise Valley. Meribel is part of the Three Valleys in the French Alps and one of the best ski destinations in the world. It was also the host of the 1992 Winter Olympics.

There are several areas in Meribel:

  • Brides-Les-Bains at 600m in altitude

  • Les Allues is next at 1100m and has a very Savoyarde style village

  • Meribel Village, a quieter part of the area and is at 1400m.

Meribel Town, the most well known and largest part of the area at 1450m -1700m (this is where most of the post will be focused on).

  • Mottaret, is the ski-in, ski-out part of Meribel at 1700m-1800m in altitude.

Fun Fact: The Tree Valleys area has 321 Alpine ski runs, 180 ski lifts, a minimum ski altitude of 1,300 meters and a maximum altitude of 3,230 meters.


Map of Meribel Les Allues, Shopping area

You won't be short of places to shop in Meribel. There are great places to shop in Meribel Town and Les Allues with many of the big brands having a presence there, such as Prada, Longchamp and Dolce & Gabbana.

Many of the shops of course, cater to the sport activities of the area. You can rent or buy anything you need during your stay, such as skis and other sporting equipment.


**** ## Food

Image: Les Glaciers

There are heaps of places to eat and get mouth-watering goodies. Meribel has bakery a called Les Glaciers where you can find chocolates, cakes and patisseries that will keep you warm and happy.

There are also many restaurants to try out while you’re there. Le Plantin Restaurant, is one such restaurant serving up gourmet French food in a charming setting. They have a talented chef, Ludovic Lebaillif, who crafts a menu full of unusual and creative dishes. A black pudding parmentier with lobster, for example, is one of his starters.

Le Rond Point Restaurant in Meribel center is great to grab some food right on the piste.Locally known as "The Ronnie", the restaurant is located right where Foret and Rhodos green runs join and is known for being one of the best places for a piste side meal. From large salds, rostis and pizzas, enjoy your meal with the great view. Le Rond Point opens from 9am - 7.30pm and serves food from 11.30am - 15.30.
Want to know what other restaurants are in Meribel? Check it out here.


Image:Le Plantin Restaurant


Image:Le Rond Point Restaurant



If you want to head to a bar after a long day on the slopes. There are a variety of places to choose from. La Taverne Bar is a bar located in Meribel town, and opens from as early as 8.30 am to 1.30 am. They have live music and DJs for your entertainment. In the evenings they have a separate restaurant that serves up both international and French menu selections. Just to let you know, La Taverne Bar has a Steak and Fondue promotion every Sunday.

Jack’s Bar is another option. With live music every Monday to Friday, from 5 pm to 7 pm. The bar has a lively scene, and host stand-up comedy acts every once in a while. The drink selection includes the notorious 7% Mutzig beer, top shelf spirits and the biggest cocktail in town.


Image:La Taverne Bar


Image:Jack’s Bar


There are tons of activities to do during your stay. Skiing is the main attraction of course, but that's not the only diversion available to you. There are several ski guides such as the Marmalade ski guide for off-piste free riding and First Tracks ski guides for getting fresh tracks.

There's something for every skill level. So don't worry if you've never skied before. There are ski courses that you can take if you are a beginner and there are two designated beginner ski areas, that have easy runs down gentle slopes to build your skills.

For the more advanced skier, there is a ski instructor course that last for 10 weeks, if you would like to get your qualifications.

You can also hire mountain bikes at Twinner Olympic Sports, and have fun biking around. Or you can take an aerial tour of the area with a helicopter sightseeing tour.


Image:Le Kaila Nuxe Spa

If you prefer to relax, you can head over to one of the spas available. Le Kaila Nuxe Spa is a luxury spa at Meribel - Les Allues. The spa has an aquamarine pool, geysers, a Jacuzzi, and massage chairs, as well as the usual facial and body treatments and special services for children.

Image: Twinner Olympic Sports Shop

For The Family


The area is very family friendly. With many activities to keep the kids busy and happy.

There are ski schools as well as private lessons for children as young as 3 years old. However, most school will generally take children ages 5 and up for 3 hour lessons.

Club Piou-Piou Creche is a ski kindergarten in Meribel Valley that takes kids from ages 3-5. You can also get childcare services from Merinannies, while you enjoy the slope on your own.


Image: Parc Olympique

If your kids are not interested in skiing, they can go ice skating at the ice rink in Meribel. Or go sledding with a team of energetic Huskies, in Le Plantin, a small village located about 1 kilometre away from Meribel. Grab a hot-air balloon ride for a relaxing yet exciting ride in the skies. If all else, Meribel also has a cinema for some quality movie time.

There are also sport centers such as with Parc Olympique that have indoor swimming, a gym and indoor rock climbing. Parc Olympique sport center is located in the center of town, which makes it a easy place to stop by.


There are many great places to stay in Meribel, and you can find a place to meet your needs. Hotels such as Le Doron Hotel is a great choice for a simple reasonably priced hotel that is located in the center of town. Alternatively Alpen Ruitor Hotel is an excellent option as well with its warn atmosphere. The Alpen Ruitor Hotel also has its own spa and is located at Mottaret in Meribel, right next to the piste. That means easy access to the slopes.

Image: Apartment Caesar, Meribel. €5,000 a week.

There are also lots of great chalets and apartments that you can rent in the area. Whether you will be traveling with family or friends, there are apartments and chalets that can accommodate up to 10 guest.

You can find out more about Meribel here.