LuxGear: 6 Luxurious Men’s Watches

LuxGear: 6 Luxurious Men’s Watches

It's a status symbol, it's a piece of art, it's mechanical magic and engineering wonder, yes I'm talking about watches. Any guy who knows his stuff, knows the value of a watch, and not just to tell the time or the price tag attached to it. The little intricacies that make it function are the work of master craftsmen, the details in its designs can speak to character and the watch itself often a status symbol.

Anyone can tell the time, whip out your phone and look at the screen. However, having a piece of art on your wrist is something else altogether. Here are some luxurious watches for you to consider.

1. Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5271P-001


This Swiss made timepiece comes from a brand that has set numerous world price records at auctions. Patek Philippe&Co. make beautiful watches that are well thought through, designed and engineered.

This model is the Grand Comlication, and it comes with an alligator leather strap and the watch itself is made from platinum with a black lacquered clock face with baguette diamond marking 12 o'clock and 58 baguette diamonds around the bezel.

A classic even by modern standards, this watch is a manually wound watch that is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

The price tag? $280,000. There are similar versions like the 5270 that exclude the diamonds if you would like a subtler style.


2. Breguet Tradition 7047


This watch is all about the mechanics, well at least from the visual point of view. This Breguet Tradition 7047 model features an off-centre engraved dial and is made from platinum. It also has a constant-force mechanism which is a centuries-old invention, to ensure accuracy.

This luxury watch brand dates back to 1775 in Paris. Notable users were, Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria. Now the company is based out of Switzerland and still keeps up its beautiful tradition of gorgeous craftsmanship.

Yes, yes, I haven’t forgotten, this timepiece retails at the gorgeous price of $245,000.

3. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Limited Edition


You knew I had to include a James Bond watch. Yes we are big fans. Moving on.

James bond wore 3 different omega watches in Specter and this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Limited Edition is one of them. This handsome piece was inspired by the Bond family coat of arms, which can be seen by the interlocking symbols that make up the dynamic pattern on the blue PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) dial.

The watch is also skeletonised at the back allowing a view of the oscillating weight that was designed to resemble a gun barrel.

Interestingly the watch is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 15,007 gauss (magnet rating)

This one is a lot more affordable than the previous two at a retail price of $7,350. Check it out here.

4. Hublot Big Bang Perpetual Calendar

This one comes from another Swiss watchmaker, Hublot (named using the French word for “porthole” because of the shape of its products'). They have issued timepieces that were unusual in their themes like lines inspired by Ferraris, Pop Art-like bold colors, and Depeche Mode album covers. Definitely something interesting and a conversational piece.

This one is part of the Hublot Big Bang collection which is a popular collection among its wearers and they had just celebrated their 10th anniversary last year (2015). The price point is between $67,000 for one made in titanium and can go up to about $85,000 for one in “king gold'. Modern design with beautiful aesthetics, definitely an intriguing piece.


5. Jean Dunand Palace


Jean Dunand isn't one to fool around, their timepiece the Palace is an exquisite work of engineering and design mastery. This impressive and complex watch found its design from the inspiration of global landscapes, structures and even raceways.

The features of the watch include a flying tourbillon in the center and the chain that drives it was designed to look like the chains on vintage motorcycles.

Putting all that aside, Jean Dunand takes luxury watch making a step further by allowing you to customize a piece to your liking. A personalized work of art on your wrist that is a symbolic status statement. How heavy would that be? Well about $410,000.

6. Maitres Du Temps Chapter One

Maitres Du Temps was launched in Geneva in 2008 with Chapter One. A watch that was developed by Christophe Claret, Roger Dubuis and Peter Speake-Marin, which are all talented in their craft and considered by some as three of the greatest living watchmakers.

Chapter one is the result of their collaboration and is hailed as one of the most impressive timepieces to have been built in the last decade. This watch has luxury written all over it, with high quality materials, world-class craftsmanship, impressive engineering and stand-out design, and not to mention the people who developed it.

There are models with slight variations that you can get if you are interested. The Maitres Du Temps Chapter One will set you back about $395,000.