Looking To Make Your Vacation Extra-Special? Celebrate Christmas in St Barts

Looking To Make Your Vacation Extra-Special? Celebrate Christmas in St Barts

Where better to catch some winter sunshine than the beautiful island of St Barts? The gorgeous island in the heart of the Caribbean has a real buzz during the Christmas period and makes it the perfect place to go to celebrate your festive vacation. The fact that St Barts has an average December temperature range of 75-86 degree Fahrenheit coupled with little chance of rain means you are guaranteed to soak up the sunshine.

St Barts has become a winter home to the rich and the famous, which is unsurprising with its laid-back, non-invasive culture, fantastic beaches, and almost guaranteed sunshine. Many people come flocking to the island for the Christmas vacation, and it really is the busiest time of year for St Barts. The whole island thrives with the influx of travelers and the atmosphere heightens. St Barts prepared well for this vacation season and seem to be super-organised in preparing the island for the glitz and the glamor of Christmas in St Barts.

It may be a busy period for the island, but you can be assured that St Barts does not lose its charm or elegance at this time of year. The Christmas vacation season here is still as sophisticated and stylish as the rest of the year but with a new celebratory energy.

Christmas Festivities in St Barts

![](/content/images/2016/12/12360197_872292426218954_5549927324930726344_n.jpg) In the port town of Gustavia, you will find the main Christmas attractions, with a Christmas village where you can buy local artisan products and locally-sourced food and drink. Catering to families, there are children’s parades, costume contests and a chance to meet Santa Claus (or Pere Noel as he’s called on the island).

While shopping in Gustavia, you can marvel at the Christmas-themed shop windows. Throughout December local businesses and shops compete to have the ‘Best Christmas Window’. The perfect excuse to peruse the shops and get you in the festive spirit.

Where to Stay


As the island can get very busy during the Christmas vacation, staying in a villa is thoroughly recommended. A villa provides additional privacy and can give you a break from the hustle and bustle of the towns and their festivities. Hotels can be very expensive during December, and you may find that a villa will be a more economical option, as well as giving you a relaxing escape. The views and the beauty of the villas are something to be admired and if you do want a quiet night for a change, it is easy to hire a private chef to come and prepare you a festive feast.

St Barts has easily the best shopping in the whole of the Caribbean which is surprising for an island that measures just 9.7 square miles. However, as the island is distinctively French, it is, in fact, an “overseas collectivity of France”, the designer shops are something you would expect along the avenues of Paris.

As well as shopping that could rival Paris, the harbor in Gustavia has the feel and elegance of the South of France. It is hardly surprising that this unique blend of French and Creole culture attracts so many visitors and travelers.

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Festive Gastronomy or a Celebratory Cocktail?


With over 100 restaurants across the island, you will be sure to find a place and cuisine to suit you. Restaurants prepare well for the festive season and cook up extensive and creative menus and set course offerings so you can celebrate the Christmas vacation in style. Be aware that during this busy time, the restaurants can get very busy and if you have somewhere in mind to eat, its best to reserve a table well in advance. If you would like a quiet and classy setting for your celebrations, then you could do no better than choosing one of St Barts top restaurants, where you are guaranteed an intimate, yet relaxed affair.

If you are in the spirit of partying, then look no further than Gustavia. Gustavia plays host to a wide range of bars and clubs so you can party the night away with a cocktail in hand. Whatever you taste, from laid-back Caribbean music to a sultry jazz club, you are sure to find a bar and scene to suit you.

Have friends in the know? Many of St Barts yacht-dwelling vacationers host swanky and glamorous parties aboard their yachts, you never know whose party you may get invited to and who will be there to rub shoulders with.

St Barts really does have something for everyone over the Christmas vacation; Christmas fun for families, sophisticated fine-dining in intimate and stunning restaurants, grand and luxurious champagne bars as well as clubs to really let your hair down. St Barts really is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas and the festive vacation in the sun.