How is everyone doing? Has your 2016 started off right? Well for us it's been great so far. Today we will of course share with you some of our favorite inspirational travel images from Instagram.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via @luxuryworldtraveler

Our first pic this week comes from Luxury World Traveler. This is an amazing photo of Rio de Janeiro! Look at the city being lit up. This inspirational photo is courtesy @90210magazine. You will find beautiful travel photos on luxuryworldtraveler's Instagram account.


2. Heron Island by @queensland

I really like these style of photos, half under water. It gives an amazing contrast if taken well. Like this one. This photo was taken at Heron Island in Queensland, Australia and features a person snorkeling. It is a commercial Instagram account, but there are tons of great shots of Queensland on this account.



3. Sultanate of Oman by @who.sane

Forget the chicken crossing the road, the camel took the highway! This image was shared on Husain Ujjainwala's Instagram account. He wrote the caption " Things you'll see in Oman". This photo was taken at Sultanate of Oman, a nation on the Arabian Peninsula. Most of the photos on Husain's account are pretty well taken, so go and have a look.



4. Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park by @poetic_mouse

Mount Cook National Park is located on the South Island of New Zeeland, and Mount Cook is the country's highest peak. This beautiful landscape shot was shared bytravel photography Darren Brogan. He takes amazing travel shots and shares them on his Instagram. From Japan to Scotland, his account is filled with travel inspiration!



5. Sunset at Adam's Peak by @djmelafleur

Look at that sunset! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous. @djmelafleur shared this one with the world of Instagram. If you are wondering where Adam's Peak is. It is a mountain located in central Sri Lanka, and is 2,243 meters tall. The site is well known for the Sri Pada (sacred footprint), which is a 1.8 meter rock formation near the summit. Buddhist tradition holds it as Budda's footprint and Hindu's believe it is Shiva's.



6. Mini-icebergs in Greenland by @worldclimbs

This really cool shot comes from traveler and adventurer Dave Climber from New Zealand. As you can see in this photo the speed boat is trying to dodge the surrounding mini-icebergs. How exciting! The photo was taken in Greenland on one of Dave's travels. Dave also shares amazing landscape shots from his adventures on his Instagram account.



7. Paradise Cove by @kmcdiv88

This shot was taken at Paradise Cove in Kapolei, Oahu. The beautiful area is known for its Hawaiian Luau as well as being a wedding venue. If you didn't already know, a Hawaiian Luau is a traditional Hawaiian part or feast. It is usually accompanied by entertainment and features food such as poi, kalua pig, poke, lomi salmon, opihi and haupia. This photo was shared by Kirsty Mcdiven, an Australian travel agent that shares photos from her trips!