Visit the Greece Santorini

Visit the Greece Santorini

Have you always dreamt of visiting Greece? Santorini is an ideal city for a good holiday in peace. We give you some ideas for outings and accommodation to enjoy Greece, Santorini! Discover also the five Greek cities to see during your trip. Family holidays are very important to be happy.

• Greece: Santorini, a city of Cyclades
• Accommodation in Greece in Santorini
• Idea of ​​outings in Santorini

Greece: Santorini, a city of Cyclades

The chic island of Greece: Santorini by excellence. The island of Santorini is surrounded by the Cyclades lagoon, offering a fantastic panorama of the other cities of the island, all in height. You can discover 20 villages from Greece to Santorini. Some are very popular with tourists and others much less frequented to preserve the beauty of Greece and Santorini. For lovers of mythology and ancient history, you can immerse yourself in the myth of Atlantis, which is located in the archipelago of Cyclades, known today in Greece by Santorini. You must know that the island of Greece Santorini has been much larger than it is now. A volcanic explosion destroyed much of the island. Several investigations followed without giving the real reason for the destruction of Santorini. It is for this reason that some geologists and archaeologists think that Atlantis never existed. Santorini is considered the most beautiful island bordering Greece by its heritage, its civilization, its activities, its beaches and traditional houses.

Accommodation in Greece in Santorini

LuxVacation offers several accommodations to enjoy Greece and Santorini:

-          Villa Zeus: 8/10 sleeps, 320 sqm

-          Villa Dimitriates: sleeps 2, 80 sqm

-          Villa Huffington sleeps 2, 70 sqm

-          Villa Nathanael sleeps 2, 80 sqm

-          Villa Anthimos sleeps 6/8, 175 sqm

-          Villa Ananiadis sleeps 6/8, 165 sqm

-          Villa Lopoulus: 2 sleeps, 80 sqm

-          Villa Langelis: sleeps 4/6, 110 sqm

Idea of ​​outings in Santorini

In terms of night entertainment in Santorini, there are traditional bars, nightclubs ... Admiring the sunset is very appreciated by all people who spend their holidays on a Greek island. Walking tours are very popular from Fira to discover the fabulous landscapes of the island. Outputs in caiques near volcanoes, activity that agencies offer, are original and unique in itself. If you want to eat typically local Greece in Santorini, you will often find fava (like lentils), white aubergines, capers, chloro (goat cheese). Scuba diving is dazzling to see unknown species in France. Tourism Santorini offers you discovery tours to tour the Greek island.

If you are interested in the heritage of Santorini, you can see the facades of houses along the cliff and the ancient stones of ancient civilizations.

Fira is the city of tourists where you can find copies of the remains of civilizations as well as ceramics. You will be able to do luxury shopping.

If you like art, the art galleries are made for you.

And finally, the beaches are paradise as on all the other places of the Greek islands.