Experience St. Barts in Luxury

Experience St. Barts in Luxury

St. Barth’s, more formally known as Saint Barthélemy, is an island full of history. It was discovered by Columbus in 1493, invaded by the Indians, colonized by the French and sold to Sweden and France shortly thereafter. Today it has become a winter respite for many “snow birds” and is well-loved for its tropical climate, great weather, white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters.

But there’s far more to this French-speaking emerald isle than just its weather and its waters. It’s also known for its incredible high-end designer shops and its many yacht-filled harbors that are full of classy restaurants and historical attractions like the Wall House, which highlights the island’s Swedish colonial history and former past. At LuxVacation, it has become a favorite of our guests looking for a lavish luxurious place to vacation.

Situated just above the town is the 17th-century Fort Karl, which towers high above the extremely popular Shell Beach. This Caribbean island is full of surprises and filled with endless places to explore and discover. This is just a taste of what St. Barth’s has to offer to its diverse company of visitors that set foot on this gorgeous island. Indeed, St. Barth’s has become a favorite tourist as well as travel destination for anyone seeking a luxurious and adventurous or relaxing vacation.

When it comes to luxury, LuxVacation knows best. Here are a few of our favorite ways to pass your time in St. Barth’s.

Premium Tennis Lessons

Once you arrive, most of the St Barts LuxVacation villas have their own private workout areas within the villas. However, some guests want to enjoy a fun exercise while also being outside in the beautiful summer weather. If you want to get a private lesson, contact St Barth Tennis to get a private lesson and sharpen up your skills.

On the Water

One of our favorite guest activities is recommending the experience of St. Barth’s on the water, which is must-do if you’re coming to the island. Stepping off of the land and into the sea, or at least onto a yacht or boat is one of the best ways to enjoy the cool waters of the Caribbean while avoiding the masses of tourists on the mainland.

There are hundreds of ways to explore St. Barth’s by water like scuba diving, stand up paddle adventures, clear kayaking, surfing, sailing, hiring a motor boat to take you out and give you a private tour of the isolated and pristine coastline, taking a series of private sailing lessons or diving deep down into the unknown blue sea with one of St. Barth’s famous submarine tours.
Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in St. Barth’s is an underwater visionary adventure for the eyes and for the senses. The reefs are completely recovered from the last round of hurricanes that swept through the islands and are teeming with bright, vivid sea life and are covered with flowers in full bloom. We recommend diving around Pain de Sucre (an islet off the coast of Gustavia harbour) or anywhere near I’Ane Rouge, just a short distance from Colombier bay, where there are a surplus of caves and crevices to explore and the calmest waters for diving.

There are a dozen diving companies that can assist you on this expedition: Ouanalao, Serial Divers, and La Bulle.

St. Barth’s Yellow Submarine Tours

If slipping into a wet suit, strapping on an air tank, a high-tech breathing mask and getting salty isn’t quite your thing but you still want to experience the magic and wonder of the underwater world then you should consider taking a submarine tour.

With this tour you can expect to see hundreds of schools of tropical fish, dozens of sea turtles and a 15 year-old sunken shipwreck of the fishing boat "Marignan," which is now home to schools of fish and tiny nurse sharks.

This tour departs daily at 11am and 2pm from the Ferry Dock, Gustavia. Because of the popularity of this tour it is recommended to book in advance. Tickets are available online.

St. Barth Chef Service

After a day out on the town or on the water you’re sure to be starving and you’ll want a taste of the highest quality food to match the quality of your experiences throughout the day. This private chef service brings the highest quality of chef service directly to your villa or suit and is cooked in the comfort of your own home for your very own private entertainment and enjoyment.

Chef Bernard Javelle was born and raised in the renowned city of Lyon, France where he was trained in the art and craft of gastronomy and culinary creations. Since 1988, when he discovered the tranquility and peacefulness of St. Barth’s, he has been managing and operating his very own branch of restaurants on the island. If you want a private and memorable culinary experience, this could be a great option. If you want to taste the goodness of his work but want to share it with the general public, head on over to one of his restaurants: Le Lagon Bleu, Le Caraibes Café and Paradisio Restaurant in Gustavia. Reservations recommended.

Another incredible culinary experience, perhaps a more complete one, is offered to you by private chef and caterer, Gregory. His niche specializes in a complete culinary experience from start to finish and includes an initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, meal preparation, food packaging, and kitchen clean-up. If you want to enjoy a delicious meal with influence from his around-the-world travels to dozens of different countries and don’t want to deal with the clean up, you’ve come to the right place.

Outdoor Sporting Adventures

Hiking ancient trails, exploring hidden caves, climbing rock walls and scaling cliffs; these are all options for adventure when you come to St. Barth’s. This island is only 11 miles long but it contains 22 unique beaches and is covered in a string of volcanoes making the island lush and fertile, green beyond all glory.

When you’ve rested up and you’re ready to hit the trails, check out this detailed map of the best hiking trails on the island of St. Barth and get ready to lace up your boots, breathe in the fresh air, feel your legs work beneath you and allow them to take you to some of the best most remote and undiscovered places on the island.