Courchevel for everyone: 5 villages, 5 different altitudes

Courchevel for everyone: 5 villages, 5 different altitudes

Courchevel is a resort in the Tarentaise valley, in Savoy, whose   origin dates back to 1946. At the time, the French government wanted to   create this resort in order to promote skiing activity, and create a winter   tourism around skiing. Many tourists then moved to the resort, located on the   Tovets plateau. Courchevel has thus become an ideal resort dedicated to   winter sports.  Until 2016, it still   belonged to the municipality of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise. Now, it is part of the   Savoie department and is considered one of the largest winter sports resorts   but also one of the largest summer sports resorts. To offer ever more   activity to its tourists, the Courchevel resort extends over an altitude of   1,100 m to 1,850 m and is now made up of several villages: five in total.   Privileged by many skiers and other mountain lovers, its assets make it a charming destination today.

Altitude of this prestigious resort

Courchevel is a top-of-the-range resort that enjoys a very   prestigious reputation in mountain tourism. Its reputation was quickly built   up, as media publications made it one of the best tourist destinations. It is   located on the Trois Vallées ski area, itself at an altitude of 1,300   m to 3,230 m and is the largest ski area in the world. It extends over nearly   600 km of trails. As for the altitude of the Courchevel resort, it depends on   the villages that make it up. Thus, its altitude is between 1,100 m and 1,850   m. It is therefore large enough for skiing, to accommodate and restore   athletes, but also to offer other winter or even summer activities. The   particularity of this resort is that, in addition to being an area for   outdoor activities, it is also a paradise for the younger and older people who   want to relax.

A resort entirely dedicated to outdoor sports

Courchevel is a resort where you will be in contact with   nature and where you can practise outdoor sports. The preserved traditions   and the predominance of high mountain landscapes also make it an almost   perfect place. Many people come every year to enjoy sports and other outdoor   activities, in summer and winter (climbing, paragliding, golf, mountain   biking, hiking, skiing, etc.). However, skiing is one of the most popular   sports in the resort. Many competitions related to this activity and other   events are organized here. The resort offers everything you need for a great   holiday and great adventures. Between the discoveries and the wide range of   sporting and cultural activities it offers, there is no reason for being   disappointed.

Altitude of the villages of the resort

The Courchevel resort is made up of five different villages. It is   its villages that make up the multiplicity of the resort and which allows it   to offer so many sporting, cultural and wellness activities.  Each of its villages represents a   magnificent place for a change of scenery, to engage in new activities, and   above all experiment new sports that will provoke adrenaline rushes at this   altitude.

·           The first village, which is the cradle of   Courchevel, is also called Saint-Bon, a village located at an altitude of 1,100   m. Although no ski lifts are planned in this village, many free shuttles run   every 20 minutes to take skiers to the heart of the resort. The return, skis   on, is nevertheless possible by taking the red slope, however not recommended   for the less experienced.

·           Courchevel Le Praz: located at an   altitude of 1,300 metres, this village will suit lovers of mountain   traditions: its houses, chalets, narrow alleys and lake will enchant skiers   who wish to immerse themselves in a typical environment. Le Praz has   preserved an incredible character and all its soul, with a real life on 365   days a year. Oscillating between tradition and modern sports, it is the   bastion of ski jumping with some of the largest Olympic ski jumps. When   downhill skiing, forest skiers will be delighted by the direct link with   Courchevel 1850.

·           Courchevel 1550, located at an altitude of   1,550 metres, is the ideal family resort. Also known as Courchevel   Village, it offers an ideal price-quality ratio for families and benefits   from all the infrastructure for quick access to Courchevel 1850 and the   entire ski area of the 3 valleys.

·           Courchevel 1650 also called Courchevel   Moriond is also ideal for families because most of the slopes are   suitable for children. Most of them are green and blue, but they do not leave   parents behind, offering facilities to reach the entire ski area of the 3   valleys. Courchevel 1650 has also gained in notoriety since the construction   in December 2015 of a vast aquatic complex allowing relaxation after skiing   for the whole family: children will enjoy the many slides, the wave simulator   and body board, while adults will be able to relax in a gigantic sauna, a   hammam or enjoy the care of the wellness centre.

·           Courchevel 1850, located at an altitude of   1,850 metres, is the most select destination of the 5 villages. It is the one   that made the prestigious and international reputation recognized at the   Courchevel resort. Many luxury establishments are located next to villas and   chalets, each one more beautiful than the next.

Everything has been thought out so that the connections between these   5 villages are very quick and easy. In addition, The 3 Vallées, where   everyone can enjoy the outdoor activities they love, is the ideal destination   for the whole family.