In which cities should you spend your holidays when you are young ?

In which cities should you spend your holidays when you are young ?

You are young and you are wondering in which city or rather in which cities it is good to spend your holidays? This is the question we will try to answer in this article, knowing that, of course, youth is a very relative concept!

Snow holiday cities for young people

Generally speaking, when we talk about holidays and youth, we think more of those spent the summer on the beach in a sunny destination, but today's young people are also passionate about skiing and all the other sliding activities that exist. As a result, it is not uncommon to see groups of young people going on a skiing holiday to have fun on the slopes during the day and to get together to share the charms and friendliness of the mountain in the evening! As ski enthusiasts sometimes separate according to the level of practice between the slopes of different colours, it is essential that everyone is together in the evening and has something to gain.

There are some winter sports resorts that are more suitable than others for this. If only those that are part of the "Folie Douce" concept (a nice concept that we will perhaps present to you in a future article and which combines culinary discovery and clubbing): Val d'Isère, Méribel / Courchevel, Val Thorens, Morzine / Avoriaz, Alpes d'Huez, Saint Gervais / Megève and let us not forget Tignes either, whose giant dance floor, held every year on the occasion of New Year's Eve, is a memorable event for all those who participate.

Sunny holiday cities for young people

Among the popular summer destinations for young people who want to have fun like never before, how can we not talk about Ibiza? While the destination is ideal for luxury villa rentals, it is also a destination known for being as festive as you can imagine and attracting the world's greatest DJs to parties that never end before the early hours of the morning. Ideal if this is the kind of holiday you want as a young lover of wild parties! And it is not only Spain that offers this mix of sunshine and partying evenings. There is also, for example, a city that celebrates just as much and which is also one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, allowing you to combine the festive side with the discovery of sumptuous places, which is Mykonos. You will easily recognize that this city's festive reputation is well established!

Of course, there are also much more relaxing and less distant destinations, starting with all those in France if you also want to minimize travel costs to get there and leave at a lower cost, which is always appreciated when you are young. We leave it to you to find among them, and God knows there are some, those that offer the best atmospheres and the best deals!