China's Glass Bottom Bridge

China's Glass Bottom Bridge


Our world is filled with fascinating wonders, amazing landscapes and many more odd and beautiful things. Through the magic of modern technology, advancement in engineering and the creative minds on our planet, more amazing things are being developed in our world today.

Here is a prime example. Developers are building a record breaking glass bottom bridge in China. That's right, a glass bottom bridge, the longest one in fact. Some of us would have at least experienced walking on a transparent surface, whether glass or just see through. This one however, is 430 meters long (approximately a 5 minute walk) bridge and only about 6 meters (20 feet) wide. Look down and you will see a 300 meter vertical drop to the bottom (that's roughly 90 stories), in the Hunan province in China. What is even more impressive is that no steel or concrete is being used to build the surface of the bridge (the bridge itself does include these materials, just not the surface).


The impressive bridge will be stretched over two cliffs in Zhangjiajie National Park Forest in Hunan. The area is home to the dramatic landscapes of sandstones and quartz cliffs and was China's first forest reserve. Which is truly a dramatic sight. The bridge has been calculated to support a maximum weight of 800 people at any one time. CNN also reported that the bridge might even feature the world's highest bungee jump!

The bridge was designed by Haim Dotan, an Israeli architect who designed the Israeli Pavilion for the Expo 2010 Shanghai. The architect's firm focuses on cutting-edge architecture and urban design, research and construction. The firm has had projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and Israel. Haim Dotan himself is an award winning architect, winning the Israel Foreign Ministry DBOT Tender in 2008 as well as the recipient of the Israeli Building Construction Center Award in 2006.


Dotan's vision for the bridge is for it to also serve as a runway for fashion shows. The question is, where will the spectators be sitting?

The bridge is set to be open in May later this year! Although it was initially planned for a launch in 2015. This site is obviously not for the faint-hearted. Just walking on this bridge will surely be an experience that will have you feeling a cocktail of emotions. For those more adventurous and daring, look out for the bungee jumping activities for a chance to take a very high plunge!