Brazil Is Waiving Visa Requirements for Americans This Summer!

Brazil Is Waiving Visa Requirements for Americans This Summer!


The year is 2016 and that means that it's an Olympic year! This year the games are being held in Samba central Brazil! Yes, Brazil will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. Could we be expecting a huge party? The games are going to be held in Rio De Janeiro from August 5th to 21st 2016. So, for those who are interested in going, it would be best to book your tickets now, if there are any left.

If you haven't heard, Brazil will be waiving visa requirements for American citizens. This will surely bring even more excitement to the hyped-up occasion. It gets better, not only are the officials of the South American country temporarily waiving visa requirements for Americans, but the same temporary policy will apply to those from Japan, Australia and Canada. The period starts from June 1st 2016 and ends on September 18th 2016.

The policy is a great strategy to boost the local tourist industry and economy in Brazil. Brazilian Tourism Minister Henrique Eduardo Alves hopes for a 20% increase in leisure travelers during the period. The South American country is the largest economy in Latin America and eighth worldwide.

If you remember, Brazil had recently hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup; in which they came in at 4th place. This time around the country seems to be capitalizing even more on the 2016 Olympics Games in an attractive way for tourists from the four (mentioned) countries to pay them a visit. Whether for the games or otherwise.

A planned trip to Brazil under normal circumstances would otherwise not be the easiest. The process is filled with tedious tasks, forms and extra fees. This could have deterred many travelers from a trip to the country, previously.

So, if you have always wanted to visit Brazil and dance the night away to samba music or relax by the beach and experience the culture that is Brazil, now is the time to go! (If you are from either one of the four countries). Either way this is definitely exciting news!


Image: Rio De Janeiro Beach