Best Things To Do In An Airport During A Layover

Best Things To Do In An Airport During A Layover

Have you ever been stuck in an airport waiting for several hours for the next flight? We sure have, and much recently too. We had a three-hour wait (roughly) for our next connecting flight.

The waiting period can take a lot out of you as a traveler. It sure isn't an ideal situation, but it happens. So what do you do during the layover period?

Now depending on your situation, the layover period could be shorter or longer, and certain things also depend on the airport that you at. For example, there is definitely a ton of things to do in Dubai International Airport.

Here are some suggestions of things to keep yourself occupied, during a layover, or even when you are just waiting for a flight.

1. Get Some Nosh


Image: Chef Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food at Heathrow Airport

This one is first on the list and for good reason. Sometimes after a long flight and awaiting another, nothing is more comforting than a hot cup of coffee. Of course, it is best to get something to eat while you're at it. Depending on your preference, it can be something substantial or something light.

In our modern day, airports are becoming more and more like malls. Capitalizing on the massive amount of people passing through. So, you definitely won't be short on selections, just hunt around and you might find something interesting. If all else fails, most airports will have fast food restaurants such as McDonald's or Burger King.

Don't forget however that certain airports have some really good places to eat. Heathrow Airport has Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food, Le Sommelier Bar & Bistro is in Copenhagen Airport and Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar is in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, just to name a few.

2. Refresh Yourself


Image: Cabanas at Cathay Pacific's The Wing, Hong Kong International Airport

You know that feeling of tiredness after a long flight? Well, you can refresh yourself with a shower while waiting for the next one. Fortunately, most of the major airports do offer the facility. Better still if you're flying first class, as they will likely have the facilities in the first class lounge.

Though, we would suggest checking whether the destination that you would be at for the layover offers the facilities. Or you can just “wing-it” when you get there. But for those in first-class and business-class, check the other facilities offered to make the most of your waiting period.

3. Do Some Shopping


Image: Dubai International Airport

If you're thinking “who would want to go shopping in an airport, especially after a long flight?” Well generally you are right. Though, going shopping or even window shopping is a great way to walk off that tired feeling from the flight and stretch your legs for a little bit. You don't have to do it for too long. 20 to 30 minutes would do the trick.

You will be surprised at the shops they have in most international airports. From perfumes to branded clothing stores, there is plenty for you to browse around. Besides, if you had forgotten to bring something, like a scarf for example, then it would be a good time to pick one up. The prices at the airport can be really good as well, so, look out for a bargain!

Some of the best airports in the world for shopping includes Vancouver International Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Frankfurt Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Dubai International Airport and San Francisco International Airport.

4. Get some Sleep

Not everyone is able to fall asleep during a flight, while some may choose not to. If you have plenty of time on your hands and don't feel like doing anything else, getting some sleep would be a good option.

Many airports offer facilities for those passing through to take a good nap. Tokyo international airport has special sleeping chairs in quiet areas for those looking to doze off for a few hours. Dubai has the “Snoozecube” at Terminal 1, which has a full-size bed, a touch-screen TV, flight info updates and Wi-Fi.

If you have an extended layover and want something a little more comfortable, Dubai even has a 5-star hotel for you to consider. Dubai International Hotel is located conveniently inside Dubai International Airport. They have rooms across all three A, B and C concourses. In addition to its convenient location, the hotel also has other facilities such as a gym, steam room, sauna, billiards and even a “In Body - Body Composition Analyzer.”

Bonus: Dubai International Airport

As we mention there are many things to do in Dubai International Airport. In addition to the above, here are some other things you can look out for, when you are there.

5. Visit the Zen Gardens


If you just want some peace and quiet, the airport has not one, but two beautiful Zen gardens. Located near gates B7 and B27, the gardens were designed to be an oasis of calm in the hectic environment of the airport.

Luscious tropical greenery, soothing waters coupled with hidden mist machines, make up the features of the gardens. There is also Wi-Fi signal there as well, so you can surf the web while relaxing.

6. Relax in The First and Business Class Lounges.

Flying as a first or business class passenger always has its perks! If you are at Dubai however, know that that lounge area spans the length of the building. This is to allow you to board your flight directly from the lounge!

So, you can relax in peace without having to go anywhere else to board your flight. The lounges of course feature all the usual amenities that you can expect as well, which includes high-speed internet connection, spacious luggage area, shower stalls as well as rooms for sleeping.

What do you do in the airports during a layover or when you are waiting for a flight? Share them with us and other readers in the comments below.