3 Reasons You Should Summer in Aspen

3 Reasons You Should Summer in Aspen

When most of us think of Aspen we think of the snow-covered Colorado Rockies and families skiing down the white slopes. Right now, that's definitely the case, it being winter and all. Great fun, beautiful scenery, a breath of fresh air.


But what happens when all that snow goes away?

The interesting thing with visiting most places in their off-peak seasons is that you've got to be a little creative. It's easy to say 'I'm going to Aspen' and let everyone assume you're going skiing this Christmas, it gets harder to explain when you add '...this summer' to that sentence.

We know you're not crazy, but others might not so we've devised a quick list you can rattle off to help explain why you might go to Aspen in the middle of summer.

1. The Great Outdoors

You like nature, hiking, climbing, and you're not a fan of snow. Not a problem, Aspen is the perfect place to go! The mountains offer a whole heap of activities, most family friendly, here's just a few of the many:

• *Hiking*: Aspen Mountain and its neighboring Snowmass Mountain, both allow for incredible hiking. There are a variety of trails, each suitable for different levels of ability.

Mountain Climbing: Plenty of opportunities here! Depending on your level of skill, there's also a climbing-wall that's suitable even for the kids.

Fishing: whether it's fly fishing or not, Aspen has plenty of locations for the keen angler to get a line in the water especially for wild trout! You could try Maroon Creek, Roaring Fork River, or hike to the Snowmass Lake.

Camping: Let the Rockies rock your world (pun intended!) at night. With plenty of campgrounds available, enjoying some seriously gorgeous night-time views is super easy. (Also, stargazing!)

2. Rest and Relaxation

There are plenty of retreats to run off to during summer. Rejuvanate yourself and take some personal time away from the rushes of every day life to soothe your spirit. How you ask? Try doing Yogo on the mountain, there's really nothing like it! If you'd like to book yourself in, why not try Aspen's Shakti Shala. They've got great packages and ideas to help you out.


3. Foodie Heaven

From the Elk Camp Restaurant to the Sundeck, the Rockies offer some serious eating opportunities, and don't worry you don't necessarily have to hike up to get to these places either: those gondolas that take skiers up the mountain in winter now serve as the perfect rides up to the best views! Still, if you have hiked all the way, you'll be more hungry right?


So obviously we haven't been able to list the many other things you can do while you're here like Summer Camps for kids, or nature walks. There's a whole host of things you could look at doing, but the truth of the matter is: Aspen is just as beautiful in summer as it is in winter, more so if you're not a fan of snow!