About Us


##Andy Larsson ####Co-Founder & CEO Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, many consider Andy more American than Swedish. This might have something to do with all the time he's spent in American schools and universities, both in Europe and in the USA. Passionate about business, it's no surprise that Andy has put his heart and soul into Luxvacation.com. He loves the philosophy behind business management, the dealing and wheeling, and, of course, the customer service.

Something you won't know about Andy is that his favorite movie is Top Gun and he really feels the need for speed. His favorite city is sunny L.A. and the people he looks up to include all-star-gone-politician-gone-all-star Arnold Schwarzenegger, business magnate Warren Buffett, and his Moma.

##Jazli Hamilton ####Content Writer & Developer Hailing from tropical Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jazli is a cheerful soul. Having studied Business Management at the Bricksfield Asia College, he now writes and develops all the crazy ideas that Luxvacation.com publishes online. That's a lot of writing.

In his own time, he enjoys listening to the Blues and Classic Rock, staring at the photography of Vincent Laforet, and daydreaming about travel. He admires his younger brother, and, not ironically, looks up to him. Jazli also secretly believes he's Batman.

Anna Hurley


Straight out of Montreal and into the loving arms of the world, Anna enjoys long walks on the beach - and yes, she knows that's a cliche. Having survived a Bachelor's in Business Administration and Management at Concordia University, Anna is a real people's person and as such is more than suited to her current role as Reservations Agent at Luxvacation.com. If you email us, you've got high chances of getting in touch with Anna!

Anna is a great fan of scrapbooking and is the go-to girl for all your stationary and paper needs. If there's a stationary sale in town, Anna is sure to know about. She idolizes Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie, and not just because they're beautiful. Despite coming from outdoorsy Canada, she's definitely an indoors kind of girl.

Isabella Lorenzi


Born and raised in Milan, Isabella graduated from the University of Bologna with a Bacherlor's Science. She moved to Miami with her young family in 2015 to join up with Anna in Miami and loves her new job with Luxvacation.com.

In her free time, Isabella enjoys spending time with her daughter and hunting for indie clothes. The driving force in her life is her family, particularly her mother back in Milan, whose cooking Isabella sorely misses! A little known fact? Sometimes when things look tough, Isabella seriously considers running away to join the circus, but, after some serious self reflection, always comes to the conclusion that she'd be no good at the trapeze.

John Cian

Accounts & Financials

Known to his friends as 'The Money Guy', John prides himself on doing complex maths in his head. This came in very handy during his time studying accountancy at Miami Dade College. He took a swing as real estate, but found it not entirely to his liking and he feels he's finally found his niche.

Aside from complex mathematics, John takes pleasure in engineering. He's contemplating going back to school at some point to do a degree in engineering, but then, John is always contemplating the next big thing: possibly a trip to space for example. John is a real thinker.