A dream trip in the South

A dream trip in the South

Are you waiting for your next holiday   to take a well-deserved break in the sun because the latter is far too shy   for your taste in the region or country where you live? What about going to   the South of France for your next holiday to make some beautiful discoveries   in a sunny destination?

The South of France : a lot of dream destinations

If you live in Northern France, travelling to the South of France   could in many places lead you to wonder if you are still in the same country!   It is true that France is one of the countries that offer a great diversity   of climates and typologies of places, including the South, which, it must be   recognized, multiplies the landscapes that look like postcard settings. Of   course, this change of scenery will be total if the sun is generous and this   is good because the latter is much more often present in the South of France   than elsewhere.

Cannes and its luxury rentals, Monaco and its rock, the Promenade des   Anglais in Nice, Port-Grimaud, the South has a multitude of places that are   invaded by tourists every year. We understand perfectly when we have already   had the chance to go there.

Holiday rental in the South: freedom during your trip

Who says "dream trip in the South" means "trip",   that is to say that it is not only a question of relaxing in the sun on the   beach or on the terraces of the cafés (but even if this were the case, the   destination is also the best place to do so), but also of discovering, going   on an excursion to discover the most beautiful places the South of France has   to offer ! Travelling to the South of France will allow you to make visits   that will remain engraved in your memory and will make you invite all your   friends to go there to see this with their own eyes!

We will not give an example of a particular excursion, as there are   so many places that are worth discovering. However, you should know that   picturesque landscapes are not lacking and that you are not likely to have   discovered all the sites to be visited at the end of your stay. On the   contrary, there is a much better chance that you will be eager to come back   to discover everything you haven't had time to see!

If you are in this state of mind of a dream trip to the South in the   sense of "discovery", you will be very happy to be able to enjoy   the freedom and comfort offered by a holiday rental between two excursions. And if you are looking for a service of great comfort, going for example to a seasonal rental in Cannes with a view of the sea, trust Luxvacation's   experience to offer you the best in luxury rental in the South!