7 Safest Cities In The World For Traveling In 2016

7 Safest Cities In The World For Traveling In 2016

If you are one that follows the current events of the world, traveling can seem daunting to do. With everything happening in the modern day, safety is a growing concern for travelers of any kind.

Though, it's a new year and 2016 shouldn't be the year that sees you play hermit. Is this year a year to travel? Yes! Every year and every chance you get, is a time to travel. If safety is on your mind, here are the safest cities to visit for your 2016 travel plans.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark


Image: Nyhavn in Copenhagen


Image: Smørrebrød

The capital of Denmark has a population of about 2 million people, this busy metropolis has been listed as one of the safest places for solo female travelers on escapehere.com. Most of the Scandinavian countries are relatively safe compared to other European countries with Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden enjoying low crime rates.

The safety index for walking alone in Copenhagen is 92.2 during the day and 70.0 after hours. The crime rate is extremely low at 22.69 and you can find out more about the safety index here.

Don’t forget to try the Smørrebrød while you are there and visit the picturesque 17th-century waterfront of Nyhavn or take a stroll in Trovoli Gardens.

2. Melbourne, Australia


Though not as big as Sydney, Melbourne is a beautiful city and has been ranked #1 in the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) "Global Liveability Ranking" since 2011, and yes that includes 2015 as well.

CNBC lists Melbourne's performance ranking with digital security at 20th, health security at 14th, personal safety at 8th and infrastructure safety at 2nd, worldwide. The crime index for this Australian city is low at 35.85, walking alone safety index at 83.05 during the day and 54.87 at night.

There are a lot of things that will keep you busy at Melbourne. For one thing, you can visit the Royal Botanical Gardens or go for a wine tour & tasting, such as the “Yarra Valley Balloon Flight and Winery Tour” where you can enjoy a hot-air-balloon ride during the winery guide.

3. Toronto, Canada


Image: Royal Ontario Museum

Also listed on CNBC's world's safest cities, is Toronto, Canada. The city is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, with over 140 languages spoken here. So, no matter where you're from, you will likely feel at home Toronto.

Toronto is ranked #4 on the EIU's "Global Liveability Ranking" in 2015. This multicultural melting pot has a reported safety index of 85.47 during the day and 62.81 after sundown, and a low crime rate at 33.71. The complex cultural makeup of the city also rarely sees intolerance and race-related violence.

Don't forget to bring your camera and visit Niagara Falls, though it is a 90-minute drive from the city, it would be a great opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of the surroundings. If you like museums, Toronto has a few to keep you happy. The Royal Ontario Museum houses a massive collection of cultural and historical items, and often has rotating exhibitions.


4. Zurich, Switzerland


The city of Zurich is at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland, and is the global center for banking and finance. The city is beautiful with old-world European architecture and charm to be found around every corner.

Tied at 10th place on the EIU's index, with Helsinki, Finland; Zurich enjoys extremely low crime rates of 14.67. The safety index here is 93.88 during the day and 83.67 at night. Based on the index the city is definitely a safe place to travel to.

Take a river cruise with Limmatschifffahrt and view the city from a different angle. Or visit the Kunsthaus if you enjoy art and stroll through the rooms dedicated to Swiss artist and sculptor, as well as see art pieces of Van Gogh, Monet and Chagall.

Fun Fact: Switzerland is 2014’s Happiest Country

5. Sydney, Australia


Another Australian city makes the safety travel list; Sydney is the most populated Australian city with about 4.5 million people living in the urabn setting. CIA's World Factbook reports that 89.2% of Australia's urban population is in Sydney.

Taking the spot at #7 on the EIU's ranking, Sydney has a high safety index of 78.19 during the day and moderate rating of 49.75 after sunset. The city has also been listed as CNBC's #6 safest cities in the world.

Make sure to stop by the beach when you're in Sydney. Bondi Beach or Bondi Bay is a popular area for some beachside fun. Also, check out if there are any performances at the famous Sydney Opera house, as going to one would definitely be an experience that makes a good story.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Image: Canals of Amsterdam

The world famous city of Amsterdam has a population of less than one million people, making it relatively smaller compared to other European cities. The capital of Netherlands is also listed as one of our most futuristic cities in the world. Working towards a sustainable economy through social and technological infrastructures, as part of the Amsterdam Smart City initiative.

The city has a low crime index of 33.82 and high safety index at 76.35 for daylight strolls and 61.11 during the night. Netherlands' Amsterdam is also listed as one of BBC and CNBC's safest cities in the world. CNBC also reported that the city came in 11th place for Mercer's "Quality of Living" index for 2014

Things you can do in Amsterdam include, visiting the Anne Frank house, going to the beautiful Rijksmuseum and see the amazing art pieces on display there, as well as take a stroll in Vondelpark. This wonderful city will definitely keep you busy during your visit.

7. Osaka, Japan


Image: Osaka Castle

The city is populated by over 2.3 million people and is listed on both CNBC and BBC as one of the safest cities in the world. The business focused Osaka will have people working as well as commuting late into the night.

Osaka enjoys a low crime rate at an index of 13.16 and safety here is rated at a high 86.84 to 89.47 at any time of day. The city's performance ranking as reported by CNBC is, digital security at 5th, and personal safety at 2nd.

Osaka in noted for its street food, so hunt around for some Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and (my favorite) Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake). You can also pay a visit to the Asahi beer factory and sample a range of Japanese beers. Not forgetting to visit the legendary Osaka Castle, that played a major role in unifying Japan back in the 16th century.

Have a suggestion for safe places to travel to? Share them with us and our readers in the comments below.