7 Photos Of Christmas From Around The World On Instagram

7 Photos Of Christmas From Around The World On Instagram

'Beautiful' is the word to describe this time of the year anywhere in the world. With the streets decked out in Christmas lights and decorations, the cities of the world celebrated the occasion with joy and happiness as we await the coming year. Here are some beautiful Christmas photos from around the world from Instagram.

1. Römerberg, Frankfurt, Germany by @kirstenalana

Kristen shares this beautiful photo of Römerberg in Frankfurt during this festive season. Römerberg is the historic heart of Frankfurt and the center of its Altstadt (Old Town). Kristen further shares with us that the city has one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe dating back to 1393!


2. Kiev, Ukraine by @amayashadow

This beautiful photo was taken by Amaya in Sofiyska Square, Kiev. The main Christmas tree in the city is set up in the square near to Saint Sophia's Cathedral, which we see in the photo as well. Here is a video of them lighting up the tree on December 19, 2015.


3. Toshima, Tokyo, Japan by @ohzkkich

It is not a location shot, but this image comes from Ohzeki Kouichi in Tokyo, Japan. He shares this photo of a Star Wars themed decorated Christmas tree from his apartment in Toshima in Tokyo. It truly is a uniquely decorated tree with awesome R2D2 ornaments.


4. Sorrento, Italy by @lycia_srrnt

21 year old engineering student Lycia Sorrentino posted this image of Christmas in Sorrento on her Instagram account. The photo definitely highlights the city's Christmas decorations, and look at that wonderful Christmas tree!


5. Gafton Street, Dublin, Ireland by @davidquinn14

David calls himself a 'one a day street photographer' and is from Dublin, Ireland. This photo is of Gafton Street all decked out in Christmas lights.


6. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia by @visitbrisbane

Visit Brisbane shows us what Christmas is like in Australia. It's currently summer there, but that won't stop them spreading the Christmas joy! This shot is of city hall in Brisbane, that is projected upon with various images and animations. What a sight!


7. New York City, USA by @stephenwilkes

This has to be one of my favorite photos this Christmas. Taken by professional photographer Stephen Wilkes, this shot is of none other than Rockefeller Center in New York City, the people skating below and the joy inspiring tree. The beautiful time-honored tradition of Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree dates back to 1933. Isn't it wonderful that the tradition is still a part of the culture today?


Honorable Mention:

Geneva, Switzerland by @parishilton

This photo was shared on Paris Hilton's Instagram account and was taken at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. The teddy bear Christmas tree that is behind her is truly adorable.