5 Of The Most Luxurious Ways To Travel

5 Of The Most Luxurious Ways To Travel

Traveling is a must for some of us and although sometimes commercial ways of traveling is fine, other times you just want to travel in luxury and style. From private jets to luxury yachts, these are the most luxurious ways to travel.

1.Luxury Train


Image: Inside the Royal Scotsman

Doesn't the thought of traveling by train awaken your inner child. There truly is something about men and trains. If you were one of those that had a train set going around the Christmas tree, then this luxurious way to travel will surely be one to try.

Some of the most luxurious trains are beautiful mechanical works of art from years gone by that are kept running to please fans and keep the heritage alive. Luxury trains such as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE), which is a restored 1920s vintage and made famous in Agatha Christie's story, the train runs on the legendary route from Paris to Istanbul. A trip from Venice to Paris in a cabin suite is about $6,470 in 2016.

The Royal Scotsman is one of the favorites for luxury train travel. The train only carries 36 passengers, and has gourmet five-star dining, wine-pairing and superior service. The Scotsman's cars are 1960s vintage equipment, with the exception of the diner that is from the 1928-era. A 5-day trip on the Scotsman, touring the country homes & gardens in Scotland is about $7,570 for a double.


2.Luxury RV Motorhomes


Image: Inside the Entegra Coach

The thought of an RV generally doesn't conjure up the thought of luxury, until you see the luxurious RVs available on the market. Traveling with this home on wheels, will afford you the luxurious comforts and facilities of a home during long-journeys.

The 2015 Entegra Coach Cornerstone is a luxury RV that includes a master suite with a cedar-lined walk-in closet, as well as a sound bar and entertainment system, quartz countertops, heated porcelain flooring and a walk-in shower. The company also gives many options to customize the RV. This RV is about $464,000.

The Vantare Platinum Plus coach by Featherlite Luxury Coaches is another luxurious home on wheels. It has Inca marble entry steps, handmade glass tile stair risers, a salon with a sofa, liquor cabinet with crystal glasses and a desk. A very cool feature of this RV is the sports car garage under the deck, so you can take along your favorite car. The Vantare Platinum Plus is about $2.5 million.

3.Luxury Car

Okay, you would probably only want an RV if you're bringing your family along for a long road-trip. For those that just enjoy a lengthy drive however, just grab your luxury car and have a great drive. Check out our post on 6 of the most luxurious cars to do long journey's with.


Image: Inside the Merc S-Class

A Mercedes S-Class is one that will keep you comfortable and put a big smile on your face as you drive along to your destination. The cars has a 7-speed automatic transmission with manual mode and is powered by 6.0-liter engine, that allows the Merc to do 0-60mph in 5 seconds. The car has many modern electronic features and modern comforts to improve the experience of a long journey.

If you need something with a little more space, the Range Rover SUVs will be a great alternative. The Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography is powered by 5.0 V8 engine, has 4x4 wheel drive and 909-liter boot.

4. Private Jet


Image: Inside the Airbus A319


Image: Inside Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal A380

I know you were waiting for this one, and of course it's on the list. Traveling by private-jet is probably one of the more stylish ways to travel ever! There are so many versions of private planes out there, some range from a few million, all the way up to $500 million.

Airbus's 2nd most expensive model is the A319 corporate jet at $80.7 million, for a standard model. The plane accommodates up to 8 passengers, with an interior design that is custom made just for you. So, you can design your plane to match your comfort needs.

Taking about customized private jets, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owns the most expensive private plane out there. It's an Airbus A380 -Custom and comes with a price tag of $500 million. Airbus created and modified an empty Airbus A380 just for the prince. The jet has everything gold-plated, a solid gold throne, a Turkish bath, a garage for a Rolls-Royce and a prayer room that has electronic mats that automatically face the needed direction.

5. Yacht


Image: The Azzam Superyacht

What could top a private jet right? Well a Yacht can. Some of the most expensive yachts in the world cost anywhere between $250 million to $600 million. The Streets of Monaco yacht, which is a floating replica of the city is rumored to cost $1 billion. Read more on the most expensive yacht's in the world here.

The largest yacht in the world is currently the Azzam. At a massive 590-feet long, the yacht has her own submarine and defensive system. This huge floating paradise can also reach top speeds of 30 knots (34.5 mph). Luxury yachts like the Azzam will have all the comforts and facilities that will rival that of the best hotels in the world, and is definitely a very stylish way to travel!

Honourable Mention:


If you don’t want to charter a yacht on your own, you a can also look towards the luxurious world of travel cruises. One such cruise is the Crystal Serenity by Crystal Cruises, that takes you on a 102-day world exploration. The top-flight Crystal Penthouse is about $200,000 per-person.

Another option is Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Seven Seas Mariner, where you can stay in the 1,204-square-foot master suite on a 72-day trip sailing South America. The top-suite will cost you $ 136,999 per-person and comes with 2 big balconies, 2 bedrooms and 2 and a half marble bathrooms.