6 Travel Food Blogs You Need to Check Out Today!

6 Travel Food Blogs You Need to Check Out Today!

If there is one thing that can really “make” or break a traveling experience, it is the food. A gateway to cultures and traditions, modern developments and pioneering concepts of cities, countries and its people. Food has the ability to bring us together with a common love.

These are some amazing travel food blogs for you to follow to satisfy your travel cravings, before your next trip.

1. Feast: An Edible Road Trip



Feast is a Vancouver based site that was started by writers Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller who share a mutual love of food, dance parties, and adventure. They write stories about people and places as well as promote regional foods, farmers, chefs, beekeepers and everyone that works towards providing the community with quality food.

They mostly go about in Canada, but their international destinations up to recently includes Germany, Austria and Sri Lanka. Also, they fund their travels from fans on Indiegogo.


2. Accidental Epicurean



Accidental Epicurean is all about simple delights. Started and ran by Joanna Hucthins, she shares a wide range of posts that include recipes, wine, care and wellness, eat & drink, as well as guides. The locations on the blog includes Japan, Singapore and Europe, among others.

You can find many posts to entertain you as well, such as a post on wine for cats in Japan.


3. Flanboyant Eats



Bren Harrera is a passionate person that works in the culinary, fashion and music industries, and she also owns and runs Flanboyant Eats. Her blog documents her experiences as a private-chef and food writer, sharing posts on cooking, recipes and travel.

She has appeared on shows such as Planet Green with Emeril Lagasse, NBC's “Daytime” morning show and CNN Español and has been featured in The Washington Post and The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, among others.
Her blog also features post on locations in Europe, Caribbean and Asia.

4. A Global Kitchen



This website shares the experiences of a Canadian chef that currently works throughout Asia and North America. Cameron Stauch, currently lives in Hanoi, Vietnam and through his experiences he has gained a vast knowledge of a variety of cuisines and an array of techniques.

He has cooked for the Governor General of Canada, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth & the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales & the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and the Emperor & Empress of Japan. Now that is a really impressive resume.

The website he runs, A Global Kitchen, is all about sharing his opinions on ingredients, dishes and cooking techniques. He even has a section titled “expat kitchen”, where he discusses how to set up a kitchen, how to hire a chef, how to train a chef, grocery shopping in Asia and eating healthy.

5. Our Tasty Travels



Run by Erin and Brett, who combine, have eaten their way through 65 countries. They share everything from street food to Michelin star restaurants on their site. Erin is a Certified Specialist in Wine and has also served as the membership coordinator for the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association. Brett enrolled in several wine education courses and hopes to pursue a Masters in Wine in 2016.

On Our Tasty Travels you will find their favorite wineries, where they have been, as well as beer and liquor and cuisines from north American and south America, all the way to Japan. They also have posts on restaurants in Hong Kong, Japan, Spain and Taiwan.

6. The Roaming Kitchen



Cristina Sciarra believes that food should foster community. She started her blog in 2011 and has been sharing original recipes, travel logs, stories and photos ever since. Her background includes studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and her philosophy is “that a little culinary knowledge + fresh ingredients make great meals possible.”

You will find beautifully taken photos of food and travel on her blog, as well.


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