6 Reasons You Need A Trip To A Spa Getaway Today

6 Reasons You Need A Trip To A Spa Getaway Today

Everyone needs some down time every once in a while. Sometimes we just need to relax at home, other times we need a trip to the spa. Our hectic lives often have us running around with no time to stop. Before you know it, you're drained, stressed out and overwhelmed.

Holidays can be the best time to go to the spa as many hotels, resorts and areas have good ones about, alternatively you can book a trip to a spa retreat specifically. Relax and unwind on your vacation while pampering yourself, is a great route to better health both mentally and physically. These are the top reasons why you need to book a spa getaway today!

1. A Holiday With A Health Purpose


Don't get me wrong, holidays will always have a purpose, rest and relaxation are top priorities on some getaways, exciting activities on others. Booking a pampering retreat, however, serves solely for the reason of health and wellness.


Image: Lodge at Woodloch Spa

Going to a destination spa like Lodge at Woodloch for example, a spa not too far from New York, will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the calmness of the wellness center. A retreat like this will reinvigorate you and have you feeling ready to take on the world.

The Lodge at Woodloch spa offers luxury spa facilities and services that include 27 treatment rooms, 3 mind-body studios and a spa boutique, among other services.


2. Everyone At The Retreat Is There To Relax



Image: Miraval Resort, Tucson

Humans are social creatures and we like to be around like-minded people. Everyone that goes to one of these retreats is doing so for the same reason you are. So, you don't have to worry about noise or an over energetic crowd.

Bask in the zen-like environment and socialize with like-minded people. You might even make new friends while you are there. There are many amazing spa destinations to try, like Miraval Resort in Tucson, where you can enjoy a holiday in the beautiful setting of the resort at the base of Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson.

3. Nobody Cares What You’re Wearing


One of the best things about being at a spa is no one there will expect you to get dressed up. Completely the opposite actually, you will see people in yoga pants and workout clothes all over the place, all day long.


Image: Body Holiday at LeSport

However, there are spas that have facilities that will give you the opportunity to show off your body. Body Holiday at LeSport in St. Lucia is just such a place. Located by the beach in the paradise of the Caribbean, this spa will not only keep you happy, but your family happy as well. They have activities such as archery and golf, as well as water sports and scuba diving. Leave the rest of the family to their activities as you head to the wellness center to enjoy some yoga or relax on the beach.

4.You Can Try Classes You Would Not Normally Take At Home


Some of us may be apprehensive to take a gym class at home, due to the fear of being embarrassed in front of the people we know. At a wellness resort you can take all the classes you have been wanting to try such as yoga or spin classes. There will probably be others just like you there, trying it out for the first time as well.

Cal-A-Vie spa in Southern California is a resort that will have you covered. They have Zumba, spin and strength, cardio conditioning and aqua wellness programs. Try something like pilates if you haven't done so before and ironically relax in the presence of strangers.


Image: Cal-A-Vie Spa

5. Delicious Health Food


Image: A Dish From Le Blanc Spa Resort

Food that is good for you has a bad reputation for not tasting so good, though that's not always the case, it can still be a little difficult to find something that tastes as good as it is good for you. Wellness & fitness resorts will often have their own restaurants; it is part of the whole wellness experience after all.

Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancún, Mexico has not one but 4 exclusive restaurants catering French, Italian, Oriental and International cuisines for spa goers.


Image: Le Blanc Spa Resort

6. Go Back Home Feeling Refresh


Some vacations are worth going all out for, such as shopping in Milan, Italy or skiing in Courchevel, France, but once in a while you need to get some rest and relaxation, keep your health up and enjoy the calmness and treatments before returning to your normal lives ready to take on the world.

Aro Hā Wellness retreat in New Zealand is an amazing retreat to do just that. Surrounded by the majestic landscapes of New Zealand, the spa has programs for areas of health that include "being", "relating", "eating", "toxicity", "healing", as well as activities such as yoga and pilates for their guests. The name Aro Hā translates to “in the presence of divine breath”. From their location we can see how this can be a beautiful experience. You can check them out here.


Image: Aro Hā Wellness Retreat

Watch this space for a post on the best spa retreats to pamper yourself.