6 Of The Best Airport Lounges In The World

6 Of The Best Airport Lounges In The World

Pre-flight waits can really tire you out, especially for those for those that fly a lot. Most of us are also, very busy in our daily life, and the little time pre-flights can be a time for comfort, if you're at the right lounge.

Whether you are going on vacation or a business trip and if you are heading out from one of these locations, these lounges will keep you pampered and happy before you board your flight. They go beyond the average refreshments and comfortable sofas to offer a positive experience for their customers. These are the 6 of best airport lounges in the world.

1. Qantas First Class in Sydney


The Qantas First Class lounge is world famous for its service and available treatments to the premium flyers of the airline in Sydney. The facility is available to both Qantas and Emirate premium members.

The décor of the lounge is bright, colourful and beautifully designed. The area is large, but it feels relatively private thanks to the unique seating areas that are separated by partitions from each other. If you need to get some work done or just want to surf the web, there is a business area with some Macs at your disposal as well as self-serve bars with soft-drinks and coffee machines and some fresh snacks such as crisp bread and crackers, king prawns, salsa and green and black olives in extra virgin olive oil.


The lounge has its own restaurant area if you would prefer something a little more substantial. They have an impressive alcohol selection with various wines and a
Neil Perry inspired menu, which changes seasonally.

If you really need to relax a little before your flight, the lounge also has a Spa. The treatment rooms are beautifully decorated to give customers a refreshing vibe and relaxing atmosphere, where you will be given a real massage. They also have shower rooms if you feel the need to take one.

The facilities at the Qantas First Class in Sydney will definitely help you relax before a long flight. Here are some reviews that you can read from those who have experienced the lounge firsthand, on TripAdvisor.com. This is a detailed review as well.

2. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in Heathrow, London

Virgin Airline's stylish Clubhouse lounges are well known among premium travellers. The Clubhouse is of course decked out in modern décor. Once describe as “Disneyland for adults”, this upper-class facility is definitely a favorite among members, so don't be surprised if it is a little crowded.

The Clubhouse does have a restaurant area for you to get some proper food during your visit. If you are there for breakfast, head to the delicatessen adjacent to the restaurant that will have a breakfast buffet that includes yogurts, cereal, juices and smoke fish.

The whole lounge area is huge with dedicated areas for the office and library, cinema, garden, the sky lounge and many more.

What's special about the Heathrow, London clubhouse (as well as the one in JFK in New York) is the Cowshed-branded spa with complimentary treatments. You can get your hair cut and styled with Bumble&bumble products, skin treatments with a Dr. Hauschka facial and relax in the hot tub, sauna, steam room or simply refresh yourself with a shower.

This is a detailed review of the lounge done on onemileatatime.boardingarea.com.


3. Air France La Premiere Lounge in Paris



Image: Pan-seared scallops from the Restaurant

Those who have traveled first class with Air France in Paris–Charles de Gaulle Airport would know how beautiful their La Premiere Lounge is. The lounge itself is decorated with calming colors and has a relaxing atmosphere. You will also be given priority access at security checkpoints and be taken to your flight in a prestigious car.

Visit the flagship lounge in Paris, and enjoy some spa treatments by Biologique Recherche and Clarins as well as food by Chef Alain Ducasse whose restaurants includes Le Jules Verne atop the Eiffel Tower among others.

The treatments at La Premiere Lounge in Paris is definitely to give you a relaxing and refreshing experience before boarding your flight.

4. Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt


Fly first class with Lufthansa out of Frankfurt, and you will get to enjoy the first class treatment that comes with it. The airline will give you complimentary entry to their own premium terminal, which has private immigration and customs clearance, as well as a luxury car transfer to your flight (in a Porsche or a Mercedes).

While there, you can grab a bite to eat at the restaurant area that will have a buffet selection for you to choose from, depending on the time of day. The real experience at this lounge, however, is the Restroom Suites.

The suites have become quite legendary among frequent fliers. The suites feature a daybed, shower, Etro toiletries, and soaking tub, for you to relax and unwind before heading into the skies. The real star and legend of the experience is their famous rubber duckies that change with the season. The bathroom toy is free for you to take home as a souvenir, and most people do take their squeaky friend home.

5. Oman Air Business Class in Muscat, Seeb

A lounge dedicated to making their customers feel a sense of calm, serenity and comfort, Oman Air Business Class in Muscat is just such a place for fliers to slow down for a little while.

Lavishly decorated with modern décor, the atmosphere is all about comfort. The area is quiet, with bright windows to let in natural light and accented lighting gives off a calm feel. Of course they do have a buffet ready for fliers to grab a bite before heading into the skies. The buffet is made up of hot meals, and deserts, so make sure you eat your fill before heading off. There is also a bar, for you to unwind a little with some alcohol.

Parents rejoice, as the lounge has a playroom for children. Quietly tucked in the back, in a brightly lit room filled with some toys for the little ones to play. Drop your kids off and go and enjoy the complimentary 15-minute massage at the spa area.

6. British Airways Lounges in London and New York


Both Heathrow and JFK are very busy airports. So don't be surprised if the lounges are very popular during your visit. The British Airways lounge is clean and bright, with a well-supplied food area to satisfy the hungry traveler. Wine and snacks are only part of the selection, there are also soups and hot foods. If you want something lighter, grab something from the salad bar for a leafy bite. Though, note that there are no champagne, and the wine selection is largely white or red, although they do have other selections of alcohol.

There are tons of reading material in the form of newspapers to keep you up to date with current events, if you would rather relax and read than watch TV that is.


Image: British Airways Lounge in Heathrow

British Airways, however has a trick up their sleeves. Located at both the JFK airport in New York and Heathrow in London, is the Elemis Spa. Elemis is a luxury skin care company from the UK and the spa is available for both business and first class passengers. Grab a 15-minute treatment that includes a facial, “jet lag eye reviver” – which in their words uses "advanced infusion technology and anti-aging superactives to help soothe tired eyes and smooth away fine lines” – and a few others. There are about 12 treatments that you can choose from, and one package is design just for men.

The premium service if all about allowing you to relax and rejuvenate.

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