5 Things to Stop From Going Crazy if Your Plane’s Delayed

5 Things to Stop From Going Crazy if Your Plane’s Delayed

There’s plenty of things to do at any airport. You’ll find heaps of shopping opportunities, eateries, transit lounges, beauty and massage parlors and free WiFi connectivity. Most of us don’t go to airports equipped for more than few hours of waiting; and if we’re lucky we don’t usually have to wait more than the allotted time. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and at one point or another we all suffer through an extended delay. One hour is fine, six hours…not so much. We all know that making a fuss isn’t going to help – flight attendants and ground staff can’t really do much about mechanical errors or weather delays, after all – but it’s hard to keep your cool when you’ve already spent half the day at the airport and now you’re told you have to wait even longer. Here are some things to keep yourself from going crazy.

1. Hook into the Free Wifi

This may sound obvious, but some of us forget that we can connect to the cloud in most airports. The procedure for this varies between airports, but you can usually find a ‘Free Wifi’ network with accompanying login screen using your phone or computer’s network settings. Once you’re in well, do whatever it is you like to do on the net. YouTube is a great way to fill your time, for example, or if you’re less into video and more into music, try something like Spotify or listen to a radio station. Checking your emails and telling your friends you’re stuck at the airport for whatever reason, are sure to kill some time.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

2. Get a Massage or do your Nails

Originally only found in Asia, massages are now becoming a thing. Relieve the stress that’s been building up for a relatively low price! It’s a great way to kill anywhere up to an hour or more, depending on which airport you’re at and how much you’re willing to spend. Trust us when we say it’s well worth it, at the very least it’ll take your mind off of the irritation of the delayed flight.

Or you could get a manicure, and no we’re not just talking to the ladies here, it’s good practice for you gents out there too! Getting a manicure – and a pedicure if you’re so inclined – is easy and tends to be fairly inexpensive depending on how crazy you want to go. It’ll leave your hands feeling refreshed and you’re guaranteed to feel better about a whole lot of things afterwards.

3. Shop Shop Shop!

Most of the bigger airports double as mini shopping malls. Even the smaller airports tend to have a few stores that carry a variety of things. You’ll find things that may not be out yet in the outside world or brands you may not have thought of before if you’re looking at fashion items. Just be sure to check for compatibility if you’re buying things like BluRays and electronics since returning items is going to get difficult once you get back home. You’ve also got the time now to try on and clothes and shoes, and maybe style that make-up you’ve been eyeing.

4. Transit Lounge Yourself

Depending on the delay, you might find that an airline will arrange for a transit lounge or, if the flight is delayed significantly, for a hotel. Make sure you keep your ears and eyes open to those opportunities as it is easy to lose the announcement in airport chaos. Sometimes, the airline will provide vouchers for food or refreshments, as well as a shuttle bus to take you to and from a hotel if that’s what they’re offering.

If the wait’s not long enough to warrant a hotel, you might have to make do by getting comfortable in the waiting area or airport transit lounge. This isn’t always easy, but with a little bit of creativity you can actually cat nap your way to boarding time.

5. Eat, Drink be Merry

If you’ve been waiting for a while, chances are you’re going to be hungry. Most airports have several restaurants and cafes. Make use of them, no one can think clearly on an empty stomach and you’re more likely to get upset if you’re hungry or thirsty. This is especially true for families travelling with children; no one wants anyone to get upset, and tired kids can rock the boat and fray nerves. They’re struggling as much as the rest. If you’re traveling without children, you might be able to find your way to the airport bar or pub. Have fun but remember, the airline isn’t going to let you board if you’re intoxicated so drink responsibly!

And lo and behold, the wait is over before you know it. Have a safe journey!