5 Romantic Spots In The World For Your Valentine Plans

5 Romantic Spots In The World For Your Valentine Plans

It's the start of 2016 and some of you may already be planning on doing something special for the coming month. February is the month of romance, at least commercially, meaning Valentine's Day on 14th of the month.

Whether the thought has already cross your mind or you have yet to ponder over it, here are some spots for a Romantic Getaway:

1. Bali, Indonesia


Image: Sunset at Kuta Beach


Image: Candlelight Dinner at Uluwatu


Image: Mama San Restaurant

The paradise-like island of Bali, Indonesia has a lot to offer for those looking for a romantic vacation. Beautiful beaches, exotic food and tropical weather, is what this island is all about.

Kuta beach offer couples a view of the romantic sun that sets over the horizon. The beach is blessed with 3 kilometers of beautiful sandy beach, so you can either walk or just choose a spot and sit. You can also learn how to surf together at Kuta beach, as it is very beginner friendly. Read out post on surfing vacations.

Another location is Seminyak that is a more upper-class area with mostly luxury accommodation and fashionable high end restaurants and bars, located on the West Coast of southern Bali. Mama san is a restaurant in Seminkyak, where the Chef Will Meyrick puts his knowledge of Asian culinary arts and culture into the menu. The menu is a mixture of Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish and other Asian cuisines. The drink menu does include favorite alcohols such as Ballatine, Johnny Walker, Jim Bean, Absolut, Bacardi and many more.

Barbacoa is a tapas bar located at Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, and is dedicated to BBQ, wood fire charcoal and loads of smoke. Their menu is highly influence by Latin American flavors, and is served in their restaurant that is spacious with high ceilings and warmly lit.

Some romantic bits that you can try are horseback riding at the secluded Yeh Gangga beach or have an oceanfront candlelight dinner at Uluwatu. Either way Bali will keep both of you happy.

2. Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera


Take a page out of a romance novel and head to the rocky shores of the Italian Riviera. Cinque Terre is a beautiful stretch on the Mediterranean coast line along the Italian Riviera, made up of five little towns or villages that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Dramatic coastal scenery is what you can expect to see during your visit here. The five villages here date back to medieval times with the oldest founded in 643 AD.

For your romantic visit, this little area will provide you with lots of opportunities to explore. Visit the harbor villages, hike up the trails that will make you feel like you're in a movie or simply take a romantic walk on the beachfront.

Head up to Castello Doria, a castle that guarded the entrance to La Spezia harbour, located above the town of Porto Venere. Visiting the castle will allow you to see the amazing views of the surrounding areas.

Bellow the castle is Ristorante al Castello, a restaurant that is run by Monica and her husband Massimo as well as the rest of their family. Lasagne al pesto, “spaghetti on the rocks” (noodles with shellfish), and scampi crêpe are family specialties. What will make a trip to this restaurant, is opportunity for a romantic cliff-side sea-view dining. Of course you would need to reserve your tale for your special evenings.

Hike the beautiful trails, enjoy the breeze of the sea and bask in the history of this romantic getaway.

3. Kyoto, Japan


Image: Zenrinji-temple

Japan has so much to offer to visitors, although the country now is well known to us, it is still something of a mystery. Kyoto, is the ancient capital of Japan before they changed it to Edo (now called Tokyo) in 1889.

Today Kyoto is the 7th largest city in Japan, and some call it the cultural center of the country. If you enjoy learning about other cultures especially one as mysterious as the Japanese, then Kyoto is right for you. The feeling of peace and tranquillity will surround your during your visit to this ancient city.

Historic shrines and temples can be found throughout, and if you're lucky you will get to see how beautiful a cherry blossom tree can be. Visit one of the Japanese gardens or step into Zen temple for a uniquely Japanese experience.

Tawaraya is a beautiful and elegant inn that has been host to guests of dignitaries, presidents, and royalty. Notable guests include Steven Spielberg and Marlon Brando. The inn was found 300 years ago and has been known for their hospitality and unrivalled service.

Things you can do in this beautiful and romantic city include joining in a class or workshop, or visit the Zenrinji-temple at Eikan-do. The Haru cooking class is highly rated by reviewers on TripAdvisor, here you can learn about Japanese culture and cuisine. Zenrinji-temple is surrounded by a beautiful garden that is quintessentially Japanese.

A trip to Kyoto is definitely one to remember and experience to cherish, better still if you go there on a romantic getaway with that special someone.

4. Paris, France


Image: Verjus

Known as both ‘the city of lights' as well as ‘the city of love'. A trip to Paris, France is a romantic notion all by itself. The city is covered with beautiful architecture and localities are accented with the culture of romance.

Paris has some of the best luxury shopping in the world. Head over to Champs Elysees and stop by to shop at places such as the flagship Louis Vuitton store, Hugo Boss, Dior, Chanel and many more big names. Take a romantic stroll along the familiar sights of the wide trademark sidewalks and iconic Arc de Triomphe.

Don't forget to have a romantic candlelit dinner that will complete the dream that is a movie-like romantic scene of a getaway in Paris. Some of the best restaurants to set the mood are Verjus and La Tour d'Argent, among many others. Verjus located at 52 rue de Richelieu in Paris, is a restaurant that is run by an American team that is made up of Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian. Both Branden and Laura are veterans in the Paris culinary scene where they started out in well-known supper club ‘Hidden Kitchen'. Their restaurant Verjus is a small stylish dining room that is hidden behind an unmarked gate (how exciting is that). Here, you can try their eight-course tasting menu that changes monthly, from French to Scandinavian-inspired. They do have a small wine bar, for you to get some drinks as well.

La Tour d'Argent has been revived in recent years by the creative chef Stéphane Haissant. He puts his touch on creative dishes such as a giant langoustine dabbed with kumquat purée and surrounded by lightly scented coffee foam. The house specialty is duck in cherry sauce and a broad bean flan. The restaurant also serves one of Time Out's top 50 dishes in Paris, which is the pressed duck that is made using the same method and recipe from 1890.

5. Algarve, Portugal


Image: Senhora da Rocha

The southernmost region of Portugal offers a unique romantic experience for couples that are looking for something different. Known for its sunny Mediterranean climate and beautiful turquoise waters as well as the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.

The area is also one of the main wine regions of Portugal, with Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira being top wine producing area. Algarve would be a great vacation for a couple providing them with the opportunity to learn more about wine together. Though, the area produces more reds with only small quantities of whites. You can read more about it on our post on the wine regions of Portugal.

There are many areas that will evoke the lovey-dovey emotions of the trip. Such as, Senhora da Rocha, a chapel that offers picturesque views, and is most beautiful around dusk. Close by is restaurant Belmondo that is an Italian restaurant located atop the stunning cliffs near the chapel. Enjoy a romantic meal as the sunsets in the background.

Also explore and see the magnificent natural beauty of the Benagil Sea Cave, a dome-shape sea cave where the sunlight shines through natural apertures, acting as a spotlight on the movie scene that is the moment in your life.


Image: Benagil Sea Cave

Fun Fact: Vida Nova is a label from a vineyard in the area that is privately owned by famous singer Sir Cliff Richards