5 Awesome Airlines That Welcome Your Furry Friends

5 Awesome Airlines That Welcome Your Furry Friends

Many of us love our furry friends, and it just isn't fair (nor fun) traveling without them. How many times have you wanted to take your pet on a trip with you, but worried about flight policies and whether the airline is pet friendly to begin with?

Some airlines are more welcoming than others towards our furry friends. We found 5 awesome airlines for you to check out, the next time you think about taking your pet(s) with you on a trip.

1. JetBLue


JetBlue is probably one of the most pet friendly airlines you can find. They are so welcoming in fact that they have a frequent flyer program specifically for pets called JetPaws. For the members of JetBlue's TrueBLue frequent flyer program, JetPaws will offer an additional 300 points to their membership.

In addition to that, they also have an online store for pet parents to purchase travel related products either for their pets or themselves.


JetBlue gladly accepts small dogs and cats in-cabin as long as they weigh less than a combine weigh 20 pounds (with carrier), and the accompanying carrier should not be larger than 17 inches long x 12.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches high. Booking a pet for traveling with JetBlue is $100 USD one way.

Pets are accepted for international flight with the exceptions of Jamaica, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Cayman Islands and Trinidad&Tobago, and interline bookings.

Unfortunately, they do not accept pets as cargo as of now. Let's hope they change this in the future for bigger pets.

Check their guideline for pet flying requirements and 'Travel Petiquette' for their details.

JetBlue is definitely a pet friendly airline that understands that your furry friend is part of the family.

2. Delta


Another airline that invites our pets, is Delta. They also allow for smaller pets to be in-cabin, including birds. The company offers several options for traveling with pets and ranks high on the customer satisfaction scale, as they look to not only provide you with a positive experience, but your pet as well.

Traveling with your pet with Delta is about $125 USD for in-cabin and $200 USD for checked pets. You can bring along your own kennels for checked dogs and cats, to make sure your furry friends get what they need during the flight.

They do allow pets for international travel and prices will depend on the distant of the flight.

Unfortunately, effective on March 1, 2016, Delta will no longer take pets in check, but will accept shipment of pets in the US as freight through Delta Cargo. Smaller dogs, cats and birds are still allowed in cabin, at least that is something.

3. Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines only permit small pets in-cabin as carry-ons, and does not offer options for checked pets.

However, for those with smaller pets, this airline is a good option. The fee for in-cabin pets is about $95 USD each way in the approved size carrier (17” long x 10” wide x 10.5” high), and two small cats or dogs can share a carrier. They also provide their own Southwest brand carry-on kennel for less than $50 USD.

However, pets are not allowed in-cabin for international flights, nor do they accept checked pets.

Fun Fact: Southwest helped the efforts of saving animals, after hurricane Sandy.

4. Air Canada

An airline that has certified pet handlers on their staff, Air Canada has been welcoming our furry friends since they changed their policy in 2009. Small dogs and cats are allowed in-cabin that do not exceed a combined weight with carrier, of 22 pounds.

They charge $50 USD/CAD for domestic flights and $100 USD/CAD for international flight. The benefit of Air Canada really is their certified staff; this will allow you to relax a little more knowing that there are trained handles to see to your pet's needs.

Larger pets are also accepted! As checked pets. The limitations are that the pet does not exceed a combine weight with kennel, of 70 pounds with a carrier dimension of 115 inches (in linear dimensions). Though it is a little pricey, at $105 USD/CAD for domestic flights and $$270 USD/CAD for international, to have you beloved friend with you on a vacation, is well worth it.

5. Lufthansa


Smaller cats and dogs are allowed in cabin as long as they meet the required guidelines. A traveler that has experience traveling with Lufthansa commented on TripAdvisor that they flew from Denver to Vienna, Austria with the airline with their pet in cargo, and that the staff was very reassuring. They made another journey to Zurich the following year with the same airline.


The airline allows small pets in-cabin with a carrier dimension of 21.6' x 15' x 9', with a maximum weight of 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds). Larger animals are allowed to be in cargo, transported in animal-friendly containers.

Small pets will cost $70 USD for flights in Europe and $100 UDS for Intercontinental.

If you are planning on taking your pet with you on your vacation or trip, please check the requirements of your destination. You can find much of the information you need on PetFriendlyTravel.com and find many discussions here, on TripAdvisor.

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