7 of the most Luxurious and Expensive Yachts In The World

7 of the most Luxurious and Expensive Yachts In The World

We love the finer things in life and having a yacht is one of the things at the top of the luxury list. Many great yachts will have so many gadgets and amenities on them they rival the best hotels. These yachts however, take Luxury to another level. These are the most Luxurious yachts in our world.

7. Al Mirqab


We start the list with the Al Mirqab, which was built by Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth in Germany and design by Tim Heywood Designs, the interior was put together by Andrew Winch Designs. It belongs to Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, who is the Qatar’s former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

The boat measures in at 436 feet long, and has won the award for ‘‘Motor Yacht of the Year' at 'The World Superyacht Awards 2009'. She accommodates up to 60 guest and 60 crew members and has 10 bedroom suites, a helipad, swimming pool and even a movie theater as well as, a set of VIP suites for the owner.

The Al Mirab has a top speed of 23 knots (26.4 mph) and carries a price tag of $250 million.

6. Dilbar


Measuring 360 feet in length, and owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. The interior was designed by Alberto Pinto and the exterior by Tim Heywood Design. She can accommodate up to 20 guest and 47 crew members on board.

The yacht has bow thrusters to make it easier to maneuver at low speeds and stabilization system for an overall smoother experience.

Built in 2008 by Lurssen Yachts in Germany, the Dilbar is capable of a top speed of 21 knots (24 mph) with a cruising speed of 18 knots (20 mph). It costs $263 million.

5. Al Said


Named after the Sultan of Oman, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said AlSaid, the boat stretches 508 feet. Accommodates up to
70 guest as well as a 154-person crew. The interior of this magnificent yacht was designed by Redman Whitely Dixon, that also includes a concert hall, for your own oceanic concert.

The Al Said cruises at a speed of 22 knots (25.3 mph) and reaches top speeds of 25 knots (28.7 mph). The price of this oceanic concert hall is $300 million.

4. Superyacht A

I really like the way this yacht looks. It is as though at any given time it would submerge below into the ocean and disappear. Design by Philippe Starck, the boat has an upside down hull that gives it, its unique appearance.

Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, the boat is 458 feet long, the yacht has a modern designed interior that include wood furnishings, a glass roof and a pool. It also accommodates up to 14 guest and has one owner suite and 6 guest suites. The Superyacht A also has a submarine.

This floating beauty has a cruising speed of 16 knots (18.4 mph) and speeds off at 21 knots (24.1 mph). Cost? $323 million.

3. Dubai

Owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of the Emirates of Dubai and prime minister if the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The boat is 531 feet in length and was designed by renowned designer Andrew Winch, with the interior designed by Platinum Yachts.


Bold colors, fine fabrics and a glass staircase (that changes color), will give you an idea of what the Dubai is all about. She has 7 decks, accommodates 72 guest with 44 cabins and a helipad.

This yacht can reach a top speed of 26 knots (29.9 mph) and was estimated to have cost anywhere between $350 - $400 million.

2. Eclipse


The Eclipse yacht is currently in development and owned by non-other than Roman Abramovich. The yacht is 557 feet long and is the second largest in the world.

It has a mini-submarine, as well as two swimming pools, 18 cabins to accommodate up to 36 guest, two helipads and even a missile defense system. The boat was originally built in 2010, but has been placed in dry docks for further works to be done.

It has an estimated cost of anywhere between $450 million to 1.5 billion, and has a maximum speed of 25 knots (28.7 mph).


1. Azzam

The Azzam is the world's largest yacht! At 590 feet in length, this mega yacht is owned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The Azzam has her own submarine and missile defense system. The world class team responsible for the Azzam was personally selected and led by Eng. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi. The exterior of the floating structure was design by Nauta Yachts and her interior styling by Christophe Leoni.

She's big as she is fast, the Azzam is able to reach a top speed of over 30 knots (34.5 mph). What was the cost of this beautiful piece of floating art? An estimated at $600 million.

Honorable Mention

Streets of Monaco

This yacht is the most expensive on this list at a wonderful, estimated $1 billion dollars (that's 1,000,000,000 – for your visual reference). The Streets Of Monaco yacht is so unbelievable that it was still in phrase III of its design concept in 2014, and the concept was first introduced 3 years prior to that.


It's basically a floating palace that includes a go-kart track (that is a replica of the F1 circuit), a helipad, mini-submarine, jet-skis, swimming pools and many, and I mean, many more.

The name of this yacht is a dead give away as to what the concept of this floating island is. We would love to see the final reveal of this yacht!